Top Hat - Syncing Rosters and Grades with Moodle (UW-Madison)

Instructors using Moodle may choose to use the Top Hat student response system (SRS) in coordination with their Moodle course. This document describes how to add students enrolled in a Moodle course to a Top Hat course. In addition, it describes how to export grade items out of Top Hat for import into the Moodle gradebook.


In Top Hat, instructors can send students email invitations to register with Top Hat and enroll in a course. If you're using Moodle, you can export the list of students out of your Moodle course gradebook and then paste the list of their email addresses into Top Hat. 

To get started, please make sure you are the Instructor in the course and that you have an account on Top Hat. If you don’t, please see Top Hat - Account Setup (Instructors) (UW-Madison) to get started. 

If you need assistance at any time with this process, please contact Top Hat's support for help. Contact information can be found here.

Inviting Moodle Students to Enroll in Your Top Hat Course

  1. Log on to Top Hat ( and access the course you'd like to use in conjunction with your Moodle course, or create a new Top Hat course.
  2. Click the Students button located at the top of the screen. If you haven't yet added students, you'll see a "There is nobody in this class" note on the screen.
Students tab
  1. Click the Invite Students button. A screen appears with an empty field for student email addresses; this is where you will paste the list of students from your Moodle course. 
Invite students
  1. Access your Moodle course, go to the Grade Administration area, then click Export > Excel Spreadsheet. You will be exporting the list of students by exporting the Moodle gradebook.
  2. Configure your gradebook export settings as desired. At this point you can choose to exclude all grade items from the export since you are only exporting to attain the student email addresses and not any of their specific grade information. 
  3. Click the Download button to perform the export. 
  4. Open the file containing the Moodle gradebook export. Notice that one of the columns will be labeled "Email address." 
  5. Select and copy all of the email addresses contained in the "Email address" column.
  6. Navigate back to your Top Hat window and paste the contents into the invitation field. Be sure to include one address only per line.
  7. After you're done adding the email addresses, click the Submit button. The invitation process will begin; after it finishes you will see a confirmation that the students have been added. 
  8. Click the Continue button. A preview of the invitation email your Moodle students will be sent is displayed. (Note: When the email is sent, the text reading "Custom for students" will turn into a clickable button for your students to join your course.)
Email screen
  1. Click the Send Invite button to send the invitation to your Moodle students. 
After the email invitations have been sent, all of the students will appear in the Pending list. If a student hasn’t responded to the invitation and enrolled in your course, you can click Invite beside the student in question, or the Email All button to the right of the list. This will re-send the email invitation. Should you need to add any additional students, click Add Students and the invitation steps will be displayed.

Importing Top Hat Grades to the Moodle Gradebook

Top Hat’s Gradebook allows you to view and track your students’ progress by logging their participation grades, correctness grades, and attendance, throughout the semester. You can choose to export results from the Top Hat gradebook as an Excel file. You can then import this file into your Moodle course so that you may use the answers collected with Top Hat for a graded component of your course.
  1. Log in to your Moodle course and access the Grade Administration area. At this time you will need to add gradebook columns for your Top Hat grade items you wish to create (such as participation, attendance, correctness, etc.). Moodle will reject the import if there are new columns that didn't exist in the exported file. If you need to add columns, do that in Moodle BEFORE you export your gradebook.
  2. Add the new Moodle gradebook columns as needed. 
  3. In the Moodle Grade Administration area, click Export > Excel Spreadsheet
  4. Select which grade items will be included on this export and the export format options--make sure the Top Hat grade items are included in the export.
  5. Click the Download button. Your web browser will download the exported file to a specified location on your local system.
  6. Open the downloaded file. 
  7. Log on to Top Hat ( and access your Top Hat course.
  8. Click the Gradebook button at the top of the screen. 
Gradebook link
  1. You will be presented with all of the recorded student data for the course. To export this data to an excel sheet, click the Export button in the top right hand corner. (Note: The LMS Sync button does not work with Moodle.) You can then select one of the following options:
  • Export this page to Excel: Allows you to instantly export the current page (including any sorting you have applied). 
  • Advanced Export: There are multiple filter methods available, such as filtering by Student IDs, Usernames (this is the Top Hat username chosen by students at registration) and Last Names. Select the filter type you want then click Generate Excel File to export the grades. You can also select specific items to export (post-midterm content only for example) or include student responses as well. This will add an extra worksheet (accessible by clicking Question Answers towards the bottom of your excel window) that includes all student responses to questions and demos.
Export button

The generated Excel file contains both the overall grade as well as detailed grades for each student and each item in separate tabs. This file will be available to download to your local computer and you are free to alter or sort the data in whichever manner works best for you.
  1. Copy the necessary data from the exported Top Hat file into the exported Moodle gradebook file, into the newly created Top Hat gradebook item(s). Then, save the file as a .CSV.
  2. Return to your Moodle course and follow the file import instructions on this page to complete the import. 

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