Naming of Dejope Residence Hall


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640 Elm Drive
Madison, WI

The Ho-Chunk called the Madison area Dejope or Four Lakes. The Ho-Chunk villages of Old Turtle, Four Lakes, and Broken Arm have been transformed into Middleton, Madison, and Monona.

Dejope (Four Lakes) Residence Hall physically represents the shared future as it provides an example of shared cultural production between American Indians and non-American Indians today with its naming and interpretative features.

Dejope Residence Hall is the first UW building modeling Diversity and Inclusion framework for First Nations.  Named by Ho-Chunk Nation, it incorporates interpretative components highlighting effigy mound landscapes, Ho-Chunk applique textiles, features an Ojibwe birchbark canoe, as well features the 11 contemporary First Nations in Wisconsin.  The tribal seals include names of self-reference, as well as clan symbols of the different nations.