Help Desk - IT Help Desks at UW-Madison

This document provides contact information for other known Information Technology help desks here at UW-Madison.

Division Phone Email URL
Campus-wide Support
DoIT Help Desk supports Office 365, Learn@UW, and other DoIT-provided services (608) 264-HELP
Application Review for Research Oversight at Wisconsin (ARROW)
Supported by ARROW IRB Help Desk (608) 262-0041
Supported by Athletics Help Desk (608) 265-6146 N/A
School of Business
Supported by Information Technology Solutions (608) 262-6868
Business Services(BusSvc)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Center for Quality and Productivity Improvement (CQPI)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
Most users supported by Administrative Computing Services Varies
Department of Biochemistry users (608) 265-4695
Classroom Media Support
Classrooms with touchscreen controls are supported by Classroom Media Support (608) 890-4900
Dean of Students
Supported by DoIT Help Desk/Repair and Desktop Support (608) 264-HELP (Option 5)
Division of Continuing Studies (DCS)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Division of Information Technology
Supported by DoIT Help Desk/Repair and Desktop Support (608) 264-HELP (Option 5)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
Supported by Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) (608) 262-5349
Graduate School
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
School of Education
School of Education users supported by MERIT Help Desk (608) 265-4773
WCER users supported by WCER Technical Services (608) 263-4333
College of Engineering
Supported by Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) (608) 262-5349
Enrollment Management (Admissions/Registrar/Financial Aid employees)
Supported by DoIT(608) 264-4357support@doit.wisc.edu
Facilities Planning and Management (FPM)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
University Housing
Housing employees supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Campus Network (Housing) - Residents living in University Housing (Residence Halls and University Apartments) are supported via the DoIT Help Desk (608) 264-HELP
School of Human Ecology
Supported by SoHE Building Infrastructure and Technology Services (BITS) (608) 265-0534
Office of Business Engagement (Formerly Corporate Relations, OCR)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Office of Equity and Diversity (OED)
Supported by DoIT (608) 264-4357
Office of Human Resources
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Office of Legal Affairs (OLA)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA)
Supported by DoIT (608) 264-4357
Recreational Sports
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Student Housing
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
University Health Services (UHS)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
UW E-Business Consortium (UW-EBC)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration (VCFA)
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Wisconsin Union
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
Law School
Supported by Law School Help Desk, Media & AV Services (608) 262-5242
College of Letters & Science
Some users supported by Learning Support Services (TechZone) (608) 262-5454
Computer Sciences labs supported by Computer Systems Lab (608) 262-2389
Social Sciences Computing Cooperative users (608) 262-9917
L&S Administration and Student Academic Affairs supported by the DoIT Help Desk (Level 2) (608) 264-HELP (Option 5)
General Library
Supported by Library Technology Group (608) 262-8880 Via webform
School of Medicine and Public Health
Consult the full list of Primary Departmental IT Contacts in SMPH if a department is not listed below. N/A N/A
Administration supported by John Galli (608) 262-5709 N/A
Anesthesiology (608) 263-0481 N/A
Biomedical Computing Group (608) 265-6677
UW Carbone Comprehensive Cancer Center supported by Department of Medicine Help Desk (608) 265-4466
Dermatology (608) 287-2629
Family Medicine (608) 265-5869 N/A
Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC) users supported by DoIT Help Desk/HSLC (608) 264-HELP (Option 5)
Human Oncology users supported by Matt Schultz (608) 262-9013 N/A
Department of Medical History and Bioethics (608) 263-3414
Department of Medicine (DOM) (608) 265-4466
Neurosurgery users supported by Chad Krueger N/A N/A
Neurology users supported by Aaron Smetana N/A N/A
Obstetrics & Gynecology users supported by Chad Craighill (608) 417-4220 N/A
Ophthalmology users supported by Chris Geier (608) 262-3214 N/A N/A
Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation (608) 265-0031 N/A
Pathology (608) 261-1197 N/A
Pediatrics (608) 263-3060 N/A
Physical Therapy (608) 265-0031 N/A
Psychiatry/WISPIC (608) 262-7622 N/A
Radiology (608) 265-9572 N/A
Rehabilitation Medicine (608) 263-2060 N/A N/A
Shared Services IT - Administration/Neuroscience/CRB (608) 264-HELP (Option 5)
Surgery (608) 265-5656 N/A
School of Pharmacy
Supported by Instructional & Information Technology N/A Via webform
School of Veterinary Medicine
Supported by Vet Med Information Technology Dept (608) 265-6300
Waisman Center
Supported by Waisman Center Help Desk (608) 890-1000
International Division
Supported by AIMS (608) 265-6900
UW Shared Services
Shared Services HRS Issues (608) 262-0600
Shared Services Email Issues (608) 262-7653 N/A
Miscellaneous Groups
UW Hospital Help Desk (Supported by UW Health) (608) 265-7777 N/A N/A
UW Health Help Desk (608) 265-7777 N/A N/A
UW Medical Foundation Help Desk (608) 829-5474 N/A N/A
Wisconsin Union IT Support N/A
Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID) (608) 316-4911 N/A
Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene (WSLH) (608) 221-6269allen.benson@slh.wisc.eduN/A 

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