How to enter an approved room reservation

Article to show how a room approver can enter a room reservation directly in EMS

To enter a room reservation directly in ems, start by logging in to the EMS Windows Client application.

Click on the Book entry:

Change to date and building so the room and day for the new reservation is displayed:

In the time grid, use the mouse to drag over where the meeting will take place. For example, if the meeting will be in room EH 2342 and start at 11am and end at 12pm, then move the mouse to line for the EH 2342 room. Click and hold the left mouse button at the 11AM start time, drag the mouse over to the 12 PM end time and then release the mouse button.

This will bring up the reservation wizard as shown below:

You can modify the start/end time as needed:

Make sure the Status is set to approved (should be by default):

If you need to add other dates (say for a weekly recurring entry), you can use the calendar to pick additional dates:

When the date(s), time and status are set, click the Next button:

Fill in the Event Name:

Pick the event type:

Click on the magnifying glass next to the Primary Contact field:

This will bring up the contact lookup form. We do NOT have a way to import everyone in to EMS, so we will use just a generic contact that will let you type what ever you want in to the system.  In the box that appears from clicking the magnifying glass, enter "UW" in to the search box:

Click the magnifying glass icon to execute the search:

In the search results, click the Green plus next to the entry to use this as the contact for the reservation:

Fill in the name(s) of the contact for the event. Put the person's name in the "Temp Contact" line:

If you have a second contact, you can put that in the "2nd Contact" entry. You will first need to change the drop down list to "(temporary contact)":

Fill in the email address for the contacts as this is a required field.

Click the Finish button to complete the reservation:

This should display  a screen similar to the one below for the event just entered:

The person that was entered as the contact for the event will NOT automatically get a confirmation email. If you wish to send them a confirmation message, you can do so with your email client, or if you want to do it from inside EMS, then you can do the following. 

Make sure the main (top) entry of the reservation request is selected:

Click on the Confirmation button

In the window that comes up, click the Email button to generate the email

Edit the message as needed, and click Send when it is ready to be sent: