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This document will walk you through the process of updating your RSS feed URLs to the new format.

If you created an RSS feed on your website prior to 2016, you may find that it is no longer populating news articles. This is likely due to a change that was made to the campus news website in January 2016 which resulted in altered RSS URLs. Therefore, the RSS URLs on your site will need to be updated. Please note that this change only affects feeds that are populated with campus news (news.wisc.edu) tags. This will not affect feeds pulling from today.wisc.edu.

The old structure for RSS URLs was news.wisc.edu/<OLD_TAG> or news.wisc.edu/<OLD_TAG>.rss.

The new structure for RSS URLs is news.wisc.edu/tag/<OLD_TAG>/feed/. (Changes are highlighted in blue).

Checking Your RSS URL

If your feed is no longer populating news articles or even if it is working but you suspect your site may be using the old RSS URL structure, you should check to confirm.

In the CMS, navigate to the page that holds the RSS feed. Open the red dot for the feed. If your RSS URL looks like the old structure, it will need to be updated. The examples below both show outdated RSS URLs.

Standard Template Example  Responsive Template Example
Image of Old Standard Template RSS Feed URL Image of Old Responsive Template RSS Feed URL

Updating Your RSS URL

To update the URL, open the red dot to edit the feed configuration (or block settings, in the responsive template).

Locate the RSS URL and revise it to the new structure: news.wisc.edu/tag/<OLD_TAG>/feed/. (Changes are highlighted in blue).

Standard Template Example (Fixed) Responsive Template Example (Fixed)
Image of New Standard Template RSS Feed URL Image of New Responsive Template RSS Feed URL

Please note: If your old RSS URL has %20's in it, you will have to replace them with dashes (-). 

For example, http://news.wisc.edu/office%29of%20student%20life.rss should become http://news.wisc.edu/tag/office-of-student-life/feed/

Feed Still Not Working?

If your feed is still not working after you make these updates, please do not hesitate to contact the CMS team. We can be reached at cms-support@lists.wisc.edu.

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