D2L - What's new in Desire2Learn 10.6.0(UW-Madison)


UW-Madison is adopting Canvas as the single, centrally supported learning management system, and discontinuing support for Desire2Learn (D2L) and Moodle. Access to D2L and Moodle will permanently end June 1, 2018. For information about retaining materials from D2L or Moodle, please refer to this document.

As of June 9th Desire2Learn will be on version 10.6.0. This version contains updates to existing tools.

Descriptions of these changes are below. Desire2Learn will still look very similar, but there are a few differences from the previous version. 


  • PDF documents are now viewable inline in supported desktop browsers, hyperlinks are clickable and documents can be viewed in full screen mode by clicking the "Switch to Presentation Mode" button in the bottom right corner of the document viewer.
  • Within the Content tool, the Upcoming Events link has been replaced by Course Schedule.

  • Items in the Course Schedule can be filtered by the Overdue, Upcoming, or Full Schedule tabs.
    • NOTE: The Overdue tab is a feature for students. The overdue tab only displays items that are linked in Content.  If, for example, a dropbox submission is overdue, but the dropbox is not linked to Content, it will not display to the student in the Overdue list in Content. 
    • Students can view a list of overdue assignments in the new Overdue tab.
    • When all overdue items are completed, the Overdue tab disappears from the Course Schedule view.

  • In the Table of Contents, the Import/Export button has been renamed Import Course and now has two options: Copy Existing Course takes the instructor to the I/E/CC tool, while Import Course Package opens a dialog window where the instructor can import a course file with a different visual process.

Copy Course Components:

  • Copy Course Components has been updated to include associated files, making it easier and faster for instructors to include associated files when copying components from one course to another
    • When you use the "Include associated files" feature, all files associated with the selected course components are copied to the new course.
    • For example, if you copy all items and associated files for Content, links and images in copied files remain intact. In addition, for content topics and modules, the feature analyzes HTML, HTM, and CSS files to retrieve any files referenced within them, such as embedded images, media, Javascript, and CSS files. All these files are also copied, maintaining links and styles.
    • You must manually select assignments, discussion topics, and content outside the course to copy any items associated by Quicklinks.
  • The user's information will display in the Copy Course Component History page
  • The Import/Export/Copy Components now uses asynchronous workflow to avoid timeouts when copying large courses; the History page displays the progress of the copy.


Discussions have had a series of minor changes.  The below video demonstrates these changes.

  • Group category: an optional "Group Prefix" field has been added to the Group Category
  • Enrollment type: # of Groups of # - Self Enrollment has been renamed # of Groups, Capacity of # - Self Enrollment. The function it performs is still the same.

  • Self-enrollment groups: capacity markers are displayed when group category is set up with capacities. The capacity is displayed as x/y; x represents the number of students currently enrolled in the group and y is the number that can be enrolled in the group.
  • Self-enrollment groups: "Set Self Enrollment Expiry Date" is a new option for the category. The "Allocate unenrolled users after Self Enrollment Expiry Date" option can be selected to automatically assign any students who are not enrolled in a self-enrollment group to one of the available groups after the expiration date has past.


  • The Grades tool now has two distinct icons for Released Final Grades to make it more clear to instructors whether or not the final grade has been released to students.  A a1591_released_final_grade_closed_eye.jpg closed eye icon displays beside unreleased final grades and an updated a1591_released_final_grade_open_eye.jpgopen eye icon displays beside released final grades in the Final Grade column.

HTML Editor:

  • The "Paste from Word" and "Paste as Plain Text" buttons are removed from the HTML Editor, but the regular paste button performs the same function of stripping extraneous code.


  • Instructors now have the option to retrieve deleted News items from the News tool; click More Actions, click Restore, select the checkbox(es) next to the item(s) you want to restore, and click Restore.
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