ECMS - Patching Update Schedule

The purpose of this document is to provide a patching update schedule for Departmental Leads.

Imaging System Patch Maintenance

Please also reference the Imaging Service's visual guide for what follows in text form: ECMS - Imaging 12-Month Patch/Upgrade Cycle.


Standard Operating Procedure


Schedule for TEST environment refresh


Emergency and Critical Patches Process

The vendor may modify the intervals that follow. The Imaging Team will update this document as we become aware of changes when changes are communicated to the Imaging Team.

  1. Patch typically released on the 10th of the month
  2. EMC/Imaging Team evaluates
  3. Communications will be sent to Department Leads with recommendations for deployment.
    1. Recommendation will be based on emergency or critical status of patch.

Security/Critical Monthly Patches

The Imaging Service Team will schedule emergency critical patch as soon as possible following deployment and user acceptance testing on non production environment(s) as needed. 

Document Transfer and Conversion

The Imaging Team also manages several hosts used for bulk file conversion and importing. Those hosts, like the primary hosts for the Imaging System, also require routine maintenance and patching/updating as exploits and/or security patches are identified by system administrators or when applications that are used for file transfer and document conversion are updated by the vendors of the software. These systems are also on a 6-month patch cycle the month following the primary Imaging System patching. Thus when the primary Imaging System is patched in February of the year, the file transfer and conversion host will be patched in March. When the primary Imaging System is patched in August of the year, the file transfer and conversion host will be patched in September. This is reflected in the 12-month visual guide KB document referenced above.

Note that one difference between these two patch cycles is that this cycle does not take the Imaging System offline. Patching the document transfer and conversion applications will only delay document transfer and conversion while the processes are put on hold pending successful patch completion. Processing will queue and once patching is completed, file transfer and conversion will resume and catch-up any documents that queued during the patching.