L&S Letter Templates for Short-Term Staff

This document contains templates for short-term staff (STS) appointment letters, with links to frequently used documents and policies.

General Info

Please see L&S Letter Templates for Academic and University Staff Appointments for other academic staff offer letters. 

Before drafting an offer letter, you may find the following documents helpful:


Please use the templates below to create a draft appointment letter and email to your STS/SA HR Rep for review. You will also need to submit a copy of the instructor's CV and any related documents. Possible related documents include the following:
You will receive a signed approval via email with any corrections. The signed approval should be kept in the instructor's personnel file at the department.

For open recruitments through TREMS: Please correct your draft if necessary, and then email the final draft to your STS / SA HR Rep. The HR Rep will send the letter to the instructor via TREMS.

Offers outside of TREMS: Please correct your draft if necessary, and then mail or email the offer to your instructor along with any enclosures. Links to the enclosures are below.

Letter Templates

Dates & Calendars

For summer sessions appointments, please reference the dates on your department's "Expense Details" report.

Academic Calendars

Academic Calendar
Session Codes and Curricular Weeks

Payroll Calendars

Pay Schedules
L&S Payroll Schedules

Calculating Gross Salary

Most short-term instructors are paid based on a 9-month, C-Basis rate (see L&S Standard Rates for Short-term Staff and Student Assistants ).
  • Semester-length course: Base rate / 2 * appointment percentage.
  • Academic year salary: Base rate * appointment percentage.
  • Other: If the appointment is not based on a semester or academic year, use the "FLOAT" tool to calculate the instructor's salary: [Link for document 25279 is unavailable at this time.]

Enclosures & Links

Policy Links

Academic Staff Policies & Procedures
TRE Toolkit
Policy on Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Staff
Criminal Background Check Policy
Evaluation Periods for Academic Staff Appointments
I-9 Verification of Identity and Employment Authorization
Operational Area Guidance Sheet
Rehired Annuitants
L&S Instructional Visiting Faculty 


For questions regarding the policy/procedures, please contact your STS/SA HR Rep.