MyUW - Release Notes - 2016-03-22

This routine Tuesday morning release added sports-related widgets and opened access to the post-graduation plans survey.

Sports-related content in

This release adds a news feed widget to the existing UW Badger Headlines app...

Screenshot of Badgers headlines RSS feed widget, showing feed item titles, dates, and descriptions.

...and adds a new NCAA Division 1 News app, with associated news feed widget.

Screenshot of NCAA Division 1 News widget

Madison users can read more about these on the features page and find both of these by searching for "Sports".

Show more items in HR, Payroll, and Benefits News widget

This release adjusts the HR, Payroll, and Benefits News app's associated widget to display four items rather than just three.

screenshot of HR Payroll and Benefits News widget showing four news items

Opens access to the post-graduation plans survey

This release increases the duration before end-of-term that the post-graduation plans survey is available to graduating Madison undergraduates, such that this content is now available to graduating Madison seniors.

Other technical change

Under the hood, this release