Learn@UW/D2L - Using a Font Not Available in Font Family Selection List in HTML Editor

This document explains how to format text using a font that is not among the list of choices in the "Font family" dropdown box in the HTML editor.

You are offered a choice of several Fonts in the "Font family" drop down box. Available fonts include:

You may wish to format text using a font not available from the list such as "Century Schoolbook".

To do so you will need to edit the HTML source as described in Learn@UW/D2L - Editing HTML Source in a Document with the HTML Editor.

  1. In the HTML editor, choose one of the available fonts for the selected text.

  2. Go to edit the HTML source and change the "font-family" style attribute to specify the desired font:
    for example,  style=font-family: "Century Schoolbook;"  .

  3. Press Update to return to the HTML editor.