ECMS - Using RDS for Perceptive Content

This document explains RDS and its use for Perceptive Content users.

UW-Madison Remote Desktop Service (RDS)

RDS is a Remote Desktop Service that provides supplemental access for Mac and Linux users to applications that are only available on the Windows platform or access to a set of applications from remote locations (must use WiscVPN for remote access).

At the request of the ECM/Imaging Team, RDS administrators have installed the current version of Perceptive Content for Imaging customers. If you primarily use a Mac OS X or Unix/Linux computer without the ability to run Windows applications, you can use RDS to run Perceptive Content. You will mostly have full functionality. Exceptions are highlighted below.

NOTE: Imaging Team members testing the following functions with positive results (4/22/2020):

  • Client can connect to Perceptive Content
  • Client can configure a capture profile
  • Client can use ImageNow Printer to capture a document
  • Client can search for, find and review captured document.
  • Client can use a LearnMode using IE 11 on ANSI and the LearnMode pulled the data for an ImageNow Printer document capture.

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