ECMS - Using WAF for Perceptive Content

This document explains WAF and its use for Perceptive Content users.

[Doc 8386 is unavailable at this time.]

Windows Access Facility (WAF)

WAF is a Windows Terminal Server that provides supplemental access for Mac and Linux users to applications that are only available on the Windows platform or access to a set of applications from remote locations (must use WiscVPN for remote access).

Note that as of Summer, 2018, the WAF systems have been upgraded to later versions of Microsoft Windows OS. Previous users of WAF will certainly notice this change. The access hostname remains the same.

At the request of the ECM/Imaging Team, WAF administrators have installed the current version of Perceptive Content for Imaging customers. If you primarily use a Mac OS X or Unix/Linux computer without the ability to run Windows applications, you can use WAF to run Perceptive Content. You will mostly have full functionality. Exceptions are highlighted below.

NOTE: Imaging Team members testing the following functions with positive results (4/22/2016):

NOTE: The WAF instructions below for connecting to WAF from a Mac OS X computer reference a Remote Desktop application. Mac OS X "El Capitan" apparently no longer provides a Windows Remote Desktop Connection application. Microsoft, however, does. It can be installed from the Apple Store. Either use the Apple Store (search for Remote Desktop) on your Macintosh or follow this link to the Apple Store.

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