Mainframe - Login Error Messages

This document explains the different password related login messages that can arise in Mainframe accounts.

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Login ABC Suspended

You have lost the authorizations required to access the mainframe programs. Mainframe accounts are disabled after 15 months of inactivity, i.e., no logon activity. Your access will need to be re-authorized by DoIT Security. See Mainframe - Obtaining Authorization


Account suspended due to password violations

A suspended account is usually the result of too many failed attempts to login. For security reasons, an account becomes suspended after 3 unsuccessful login attempts in the same 3270 session or 6 consecutive attempts over multiple sessions.

The Help Desk should be contacted because a case will need to be escalated to DoIT Security to unlock the account.


Logonid XXX not found

You are attempting to login with an invalid 3270 login ID. If you have not been authorized for using the mainframe, please see Mainframe - Obtaining Authorization. If you need assistance, please contact the Help Desk at 264-4357 (HELP).


Password Not Matched

You are attempting to log in using the wrong password.

  1. Starting from the NTX menu, the first menu in a 3270 session, Press F2; for TPX.

  2. Enter your LogonID and Password

  3. Press Enter. You should either get into the TPX menu or get an error message below the line titled "Transfer...".

  4. If you get the "Password Not Matched" message again, you can try another password to see if that will work.

    WARNING: Never try to sign on more than twice without first backing out to the NTX menu (F3). A third incorrect logon in the same 3270 session will suspend the account.

  5. If you still get a mismatch error, call the Help Desk at (608) 264-4357. The Help Desk can reset your password.


Transaction is missing from the IMS menu

A mainframe transaction is removed from an account after 30 months of inactivity, i.e., not used for 30 consecutive months.

  • If you are in the same department that you were in when initially granted access to the transaction, report the issue to the DoIT Help Desk at (608) 264-4357.

  • If you have changed departments, a new authorization request will need to be submitted. The authorization request form is at:


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