LMS Spaces-How to add LMS Course/Space

When you make an association between a CSIS program and an LMS Space...

...each new registrant in this program will automatically be invited by e-mail to access this LMS space immediately after their successful registration.

See Lifelong Learners - Enrollment Process for a public description of the participant's experience of that process.)

1.  Click the "Add LMS Course/Space" button.

2. "Select your server" asks you to select which LMS will hold this LMS space. As of mid-2016, the only option so far is "UW_MOODLE_SPECIAL." In the future, UW-Madison's Canvas LMS will be added here.

3. "Select your LMS Course/Space" gives you the option of either "Create New LMS Space" or selecting any of the LMS Spaces you have previously created using CSIS for any other program in your academic unit.

  • If you select "Create New LMS Space" you now have a one time, irrevocable opportunity to edit the name of this LMS space from the CSIS perspective.  You may certainly later edit the LMS space name using LMS-internal tools that affect only what appears in the LMS, but you cannot later edit CSIS's expectation of what this LMS space is named.  So if you later use the LMS to edit the LMS space name, it will then no longer match what the space is called from within CSIS.  Before you submit this name, consider the long-term implications of how you'll sort through all your past LMS space names in this dropdown list.  For example, if you plan on creating a new LMS space for each offering of this course, you should probably add a date or term-specific label at the end of the LMS space name.

The instant you click "Submit" here, CSIS will reach out to the LMS and create a new, empty LMS space that is given the initial display title that you selected here.  You can now optionally go to the LMS to verify its existence.  You will find the LMS space placed in the LMS category that your IT administrator initially defined for you academic unit (in collaboration with the LMS administrators) when you first began using CSIS for LMS student access management.

  • If you select an existing LMS space, then the relationship within CSIS between this program and that LMS space will be immediately created - in addition to whatever other CSIS programs are also associated with that LMS space.

If you already have registered participants in this program, those existing participants are not immediately granted access to this space, so that you have some hours to optionally adjust individual access rights first.  See the on-screen instructions for next steps.

Frequently asked questions

 Why would I want more than one LMS space associated with a program?
 Each "program" (course) defined in CSIS may have one or more (unlimited) numbers of LMS spaces associated with it.  This can allow you to, for example:
  • Share certain LMS content or communication tools across multiple courses within a shared LMS space, while also giving students in individual courses access to an LMS space exclusive to their course or cohort.
  • Schedule staggered access dates for particular course content, such as giving short-term access to the content in one LMS space and long-term access to the content in a different LMS space.
 Why would I reuse an existing LMS space from a different program?
For example:
  • Self-paced courses that are open across multiple fiscal years need to keep each new fiscal year's CSIS program for this course pointing at the same LMS space over the long term, instead of creating a new LMS space for each fiscal year.
  • When you re-offer a particular course under a new CSIS program, considerations of instructional design work within the LMS may mean it's easier for your staff to clear out student-specific traces and then reuse the LMS space you previously set up, rather than moving all of the LMS content from the old LMS space to the new LMS space.
  • Certificate offerings may prefer to use a single, shared LMS space across all of the courses with that certificate.

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