WiscChat (Psi) - Resources/Priorities Description

Instant Messenger allows you to connect to one account from an almost limitless number of computers simultaneously. This is accomplished by assigning a "Resource" and a "Priority" at each connection/client. A Resource is a string of text that can describe your location, something like "Desk Computer," "Laptop", or "At Home." A Priority is a number that determines which resource is most important and should receive messages and broadcast presence information.


I log into bbadger@wisc.edu at my work Desktop with a resource of "Desktop" and a priority of 5. This resource is always logged in. I also have a laptop at work, the client is set to use a resource of "laptop". When I take my laptop to a meeting and want to be messaged and have people know where I am, I set the "laptop" resource's priority to 6. If I take my laptop to a meeting and want to sign on, but not necessarily receive many messages, I'll set the "laptop" resource to 4. When people send messages to me, they will by default be routed to my Desktop connection.

Setting Resource/Priority

  1. Windows/Macintosh: select Account Setup from 'General' menu.
  2. Make sure your Instant Messaging account is selected and click on Modify button.
  3. Within the 'Account Properties' window, select the Account tab.
  4. Enter the desired information within the 'Resource' and 'Priority' fields.
  5. Click on Save button to save your new settings.
  6. Close the account windows.

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