LMS Spaces-Manage how long individual participants keep their LMS access

Once a program has participants registered, use these tools to manage individual access dates.

Click anywhere in the blue bar labeled "Participant Access Details" to open up or close this tool.

The primary purpose of this tool is to allow  you to control the "Access End Date" for each participant.  The "Access End Date" was automatically set for each participant according to the LMS access rule you had in force at the time each participant registered. You can manually override each participant's Access End Date by clicking or typing in that space.

When you make a change to this date, it takes effect immediately.  That means:
  • If you would like to immediately remove LMS access for a participant who currently does have access, set this date to yesterday's date.
  • If you would like to immediately restore LMS access to a participant who was already removed, change this to a future date (including the option of today's date if you want to extend access only through midnight tonight.)

There are some additional supporting features here too:

  • Excel Export: The rightmost column header is a link, "Excel Export," which lets you download a spreadsheet containing all of this information.  You may find this spreadsheet useful to implement your own business processes around managing participant access.  *The spreadsheet also includes additional diagnostic information that may help IT staff solve any technical problems with participant access.
  • Notes: You may find it useful to keep notes for why you removed or extended a participant's LMS space access, including a note of when you made those changes, and who you are.  Click "Add Note" to add free-form notes.
  • Participant name:  When you mouse over a participant's name, a popup window will preview additional identity and contact information CSIS may have about this person.  When you click a participant's name, a new window will open up where you can review and manage all CSIS records about this person.  See for more about these features.
  • Email: When you click a participant's e-mail address, a blank new e-mail to this address will be initiated using your e-mail client.

*Note: You can get the same kind of spreadsheet export to manage all current LMS-access enable participants in all programs across your entire academic unit by navigating in CSIS to the "Programs" tab > "Reports" subtab, then selecting "LMS Access Summary" from the drop-down list of available reports.  If you choose to centralize LMS enrollment-management functions in your unit, or if you are dealing with ongoing self-paced programs that last multiple years, this report will be more useful than single-program spreadsheets.

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