LMS Spaces - Manage how long individual participants keep their LMS access

Once a program has participants registered, use these tools to manage individual access dates.

Click anywhere in the blue bar labeled "Participant Access Details" to open up or close this tool.

The primary purpose of this tool is to allow  you to control the "Access End Date" for each participant.  The "Access End Date" was automatically set for each participant according to the LMS access rule you had in force at the time each participant registered. You can manually override each participant's Access End Date by clicking or typing in that space.

When you make a change to this date, it takes effect immediately.  That means:

There are some additional supporting features here too:

* Note: see also L3 Administrative Tool which allows your unit to share staff resources across multiple programs to support learners who may get "stuck" at the stage of first accessing their LMS space.