HS-IRBs News September 2016

Health Sciences and Minimal Risk IRBs, IRB News / Volume 8, Number 9, September 2016

Upcoming Beginners Workshop

Are you new to the HS-IRBs review process? Consider registering for our upcoming HS IRBs for Beginners workshop. This two-hour session provides an introduction to the HS-IRBs review process, resources, and the ARROW online application system. Spaces are limited, so please register soon to reserve your spot!

HS IRBs Office Staff Updates

The HS IRBs Office currently has two open staff positions and is welcoming applications:

Questions and applications (i.e., cover letter and resume) for either position can be sent to irbadmin@medicine.wisc.edu.

ARROW Updates

In partnership with our colleagues in the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education's IT area, the HS IRBs Office is continually making improvements to ARROW to make the IRB review process easier for study teams. Planned and recent improvements include:

If you have any questions about these changes or have suggestions for future updates to ARROW, please email the HS IRBs ARROW support team.

Updated Guidance Documents

The Guidance and SOPs Working Group (GSWG) has uploaded one updated document to the HS IRBs website:

If you have any questions for GSWG regarding the new guidance documents or suggestions for future guidance documents, please contact Tesha Zimmerman at tmzimmer@medicine.wisc.edu.

Improving IRB Processes for Researchers

As part of our continuing series on how the HS IRBs Office is working to improve IRB processes for researchers, we would like to highlight the differences between the "Ask" email addresses used by our office: asktheirb and askarrowirb. Both addresses are monitored throughout each business day by HS IRBs staff. However, each inbox serves a different purpose. 

General IRB Questions: For general IRB questions (e.g., how do I submit a personnel change, does a certain situation require a reportable event report, is a change of protocol needed, etc.), study teams should contact asktheirb@medicine.wisc.edu. This inbox is checked throughout the day by experienced staff reviewers who are very familiar with the intricacies of IRB policy and guidance. In addition to answering questions and providing guidance, the Ask Team will forward questions on to other IRB staff with knowledge of specific areas (e.g., the IRB reliance team, fee/funding point person) or recommend a consultation if the question is complex.

ARROW Technical Questions: For ARROW technical issues or questions (e.g., how do I change my name in ARROW, how I can find study documents, etc.), study teams should contact askarrowirb@medicine.wisc.edu. This inbox is monitored by the HS IRBs ARROW support team. These team members have limited technical capabilities in ARROW and they will determine if a problem can be fixed HS IRBs ARROW support team or if it needs to by addressed by the campus ARROW IT team.

Update on AAHRPP Site Visit

The UW-Madison Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), which includes the HS IRBs Office, had its 3rd re-accreditation visit from the American Association of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) in August. The site visit was an opportunity for the HRPP to demonstrate how it uses policies and procedures to ensure the protection of human research subjects, and the UW-Madison passed with flying colors. The site visitors were impressed with our HRPP and provided some minor suggestions for improvement. Thank you to all who were interviewed during the site visit and participated in this important process!