Zenfolio Uploading Photos (External Contributer)

How to upload photos on Zenfolio

Photos taken during EPD Youth Outreach activities should be imported from cameras and uploaded to the photo sharing service, Zenfolio, daily. Participants will receive information containing the web address and password for the shared album at the end of the week.

First, the photos must be imported from the device they were taken on. iPhoto is recommended, especially when using an EPD laptop. For detailed instructions on this process please see EPD Youth Outreach - Camp Badger - Night Counselors - Importing Camp Photos .

After the photos have been imported, they must be reviewed. Any inappropriate, blurry, or otherwise poor photos should be deleted.

Next the photos must be copied from iPhoto and pasted into a folder. Note that any folder will work; it is just a temporary place holder to organize the photos before uploading them to Zenfolio. Photos should be organized into folders by day, and then further sorted into sub folders for each activity. For help organizing the photos, please see the second half of EPD Youth Outreach - Camp Badger - Night Counselors - Importing Camp Photos .

The folders should have descriptive and accurate titles, as these names will be included when the photos are imported in Zenfolio. There is a drag and drop feature, but it is only available through the browser Chrome, (a window will pop up stating that it's unsupported in Firefox and Safari.) Navigate to www.zenfolio.com and log in using the credentials provided to the Outreach activity associated with the photos.

The external contributor accounts should only have access to one folder. Ensure that the correct folder in the correct year is selected, and then click "Upload" in the center panel. A screen similar to the one below should appear:

Be sure that the appropriate week is selected (i.e. Week 1) and a specific day. Drag and drop the each activity folder for that day from the server to the window. After the files have been dragged and dropped, click "start upload" in either the top or bottom right. Zenfolio will check for duplicates in each gallery as it uploads.

Note: For an unknown reason, sometimes an empty gallery will be created within that day. For example, when uploading the folder "Monday," an empty gallery named "Monday-photos" is created. If this continues to happen, it simply needs to be deleted.

After the photos have been uploaded, they need to be added to the week's collection. The purpose of this feature is to have all the photos in one place for ease of viewing and downloading. This is done by going into each individual gallery and clicking "All in the lower right. Next, click the "Photo Actions" tab in the center panel to view the drop down menu. (Note that "Photo Actions" is only an option after one or more photos have been selected.) From the drop down, select "Add to Collection." The location of these three buttons are shown:

A new window will appear asking for a destination for the photos. Select the appropriate "All Photos" for the week and click "ADD."

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