New Awards Reference Manual

Reference Manual for CALS New Awards Spreadsheet

Reference Manual Sections
Purpose of the Report
Data Information & Retrieval
Investigator Definitions
Spreadsheet Data Definitions
Purpose of the report 
The New Awards Report was created to alert the Dean’s office who is bringing in new awards, the agencies issuing those awards and the amount being brought in at the time the award was created.  

***NOTE: the amount allocated may not necessarily be the total amount the sponsor has committed.  A sponsor may say they’ll give $500,000 total for an award but that might be over 5 years.  WISDM only holds the amount the sponsor allocates at the time the award is created.  Subsequent allocations made in the quarter the award was generated will be a new entry. 

Data Information & Retrieval
The data represents all awards with a generated date in a specific timeframe (typically run each quarter).  It’s possible that at the time the award is generated, no monies are allocated, so the amount could be blank. 

Retrieving Data
Data is retrieved following this process:
  1. A list is created of all CALS faculty, academic staff and limited employees who are active in the specified quarter.  
  2. Using this list, we retrieve all awards where the date generated is in the specified timeframe and where the active CALS people are flagged as either a PI or CoPI on those awards.  The money amount allocated is then retrieved.  Note that an award may appear more than once on the list as the award PI and CoPI(s) could all be CALS employees.  The award will display once for each CALS person associated with the award. 
Investigator Definitions
Principal Investigators (PI)
A Principal Investigator (PI) is the main/single person associated with the award. Any CALS faculty, academic staff, and limited employees can be identified as a PI.  CALS faculty are defined as any faculty having a percentage of their appointment paid by CALS. 

Co-Principal Investigators (CoPI)
A Co-Principal Investigator (CoPI) is anyone associated with the award. An award may have more than one CoPI. Any CALS faculty, academic staff, and limited employees can be identified as a CoPI.  CALS faculty are defined as any faculty having a percentage of their appointment paid by CALS. 

New Award Spreadsheet Data Definitions
  • Name:  Name of CALS employee associated with the award
  • Job Dept:  Employee’s job dept ID
  • Job Department Name:  Employee’s job department name.
  • Empl Class:  Employee class of person 
    • FA = Faculty
    • AS = Academic Staff
    • LI = Limited
  • Job Title:  The title of the employee’s job 
  • Award PI or CoPI:  
    • PI = person is the primary investigator on the award
    • CoPI = person is a Co-primary investigator on the award
  • Award ID: SFS assigned identifier for the award
  • Award Title:  The official grant proposal title known to the sponsor on grant application and other official correspondence  
  • Award Sponsor Name: SFS name of the sponsor associated with the award
  • Award Type: The type of funding instrument associated with award record.  Valid values include:
    • Clinical Trial
    • Cooperative Agreement
    • Cost-Reimbursable Contract
    • Extension Core funds (UWEXT Only)
    • Fixed Price Contract
    • Gift
    • Gift UWM Foundation
    • Graduate School
    • Grant
    • Intergovernmental Personnel Assignment
    • NIH Training Agreement
    • Other
    • USDA Formula Funds
  • Award Start Date: The official begin date of the award as indicated by the sponsor 
  • Award Generated Date: The date the award was generated in SFS
  • Award End Date: The date the award is scheduled to end 
  • Award Dept: Department ID for the administrating award department. 
  • Award Dept Name: Department name for the administering award department.
  • Award Primary Sponsor Name: Name of the prime or flow through sponsor.
  • Previous Award ID: If this is a continuation of a prior award, this is the award ID of the previous award.  
  • Award PI: Name of the primary investigator associated with the award. 
  • Award CoPI:  List of all investigators associated with the award EXCEPT for the primary investigator. 
  • Acceptance Type:  Status of the award.  **Note: typically these would be accepted awards only but have found that some awards are generated and closed in the timeframe we’re looking at.  For this reason, we’re also displaying closed awards. 
  • Amount Allocated: Dollar amount associated with the award modification.