DoIT Video - Presentation Capture Service

This document is an overview of DoIT's video presentation capture service.

Presentation Capture Video Packages

The DoIT Video service has packages for easy purchase for popular presentation capture/recording situations. These packages can assist campus entities with ready access to video recording, and editing, of special speakers and events related to UW-Madison groups. These items are not available for online purchase because the Video Service must approve your purchase of these packages.

These products are purchased after your event has been recorded, and the final video delivered. It is a four step process for campus customers to complete this purchase:

  1. Consult with DoIT Video Services at or 262-1628.
  2. Event is recorded in accordance with the parameters set in the consultation.
  3. Final video is delivered to client.
  4. DoIT Video Services points client to correct package, and alerts the Tech Store of the impending purchase. Then payment is made by the customer calling the Tech Store.

Point of Clarification: We do not provide live streaming of your event.

Scheduling your Event

When you contact DoIT Video Services to book our event a staff member will check on availability of staff for your event. Once it is determined that staff are available we will put the event on our calendar.

Also, a video staff member will ask you questions about your event to determine the correct package for your needs. Once your event is on our calendar you can wait until the day of the event when we will show up and professionally record your event.

Purchasing these Packages

After your event we will deliver your footage, or final video, to you in an HD internet streaming format. We may be able to post the video for you to for you. Take note we prioritize a quick turnaround on these products, but If there is post-event editing it may take several business days to finalize your video.

Once the final footage, or edited video, is delivered. A video staff member will confirm with you the correct package to purchase, and make sure that you are satisfied with the video. Once that is done you can call the Tech Store and purchase the appropriate package. In most cases the Tech Store will be alerted that you will be calling in order to make a purchase of one of these packages.

FTE Labor versus Student Labor

Every variation of these packages comes with two price levels. The difference in the prices reflects the difference in the labor rates charged for FTE versus student labor. We have the two different levels for the following reasons. First, students may not be available at the time of your event. In that case even if you wanted to purchase the less expensive package we could not provide it to you because we would have no students to staff it. We would have to staff it with an FTE team member. Second, though we have great confidence in our student staff some customers prefer an FTE team member for their event.

No Package Fits my Needs

These packages are configured to cover our most common requests for special event presentation recording services. However, they do not reflect all of them. This is another reason why these packages cannot be purchased until the Video Service has been contacted. Our service can also provide a custom estimate for your event if it does not neatly fit into one of these packages. We are here to make sure you get the final product that you need.

Tech Store Catalog Items covered by this document

1 camera (FTE labor) 1 camera (student labor) 2 cameras (FTE labor) 2 cameras(student labor)
60 minutes (no editing) C66288 C70807 C66290 C70809
60-120 minutes (no editing) C66293 C70811 C66295 C70813
60 minutes (editing included) C66289 C70808 C66291 C70810
60-120 minutes (editing included) C66294 C70812 C66296 C70814

The Video Service

The DoIT Video Service, a part of Academic Technology, provides several media products from full production broadcast quality commercial videos, podcasts, still photography, animation, and special event recording. More information about our service can be found at

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