Vhosts: Getting Started

Detailed information about creating a vhost, and some of the associated processes.

Vhosts (Virtual Website Hosting) are available to members of the College of Engineering and allow the creator to choose a web address on the engineering server. You must have permissions to create a vhost. To check if you have permissions to create a vhost, log on to my.cae.wisc.edu.  Click on Web Tools and there should be a link to Virtual Hosts management. Click on that and there is a link called Create a vhost. If you don't see this link and you are Staff or Faculty, please send an email request to helpdesk@cae.wisc.edu to request the ability to create a vhost. Graduate and undergraduate students must have a Staff or Faculty member willing to be responsible for the proposed site (i.e. the student will not create the site) make this known during the initial request, even if said responsible member will not be managing it. 

The owner of the vhost is responsible for keeping the site up to date and secure. If a security problem is identified, or a vhost becomes comprimised, your vhost may be suspended until it is updated.

    First, choose a domain name. Most will be something.{engineering}.wisc.edu, where {engineering} is one of the following: bme, cae, cee, cbe, ece, ema, engr, ep, ie, me, msae, neep, or something else hosted by Engineering's DNS server (generally this is if you are a center/lab/etc and have a DNS zone where to make changes you typically contact CAE or use a CAE tool).

    If you are instead looking for something.wisc.edu or www.something.wisc.edu, these domains need to be approved from Campus. Please email hostmaster@engr.wisc.edu and state the domain name you want and the justification for it.

    Sometimes it is useful to have second level names, such as: something.com, something.org, something.net, something.edu, etc. An existing example is wisc.edu, which is the domain name for UW-Madison as a whole.  Please note that all domain names must fit within the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the College of Engineering to be hosted in Engineering.  Please consult with us at hostmaster@engr.wisc.edu.

    For any other cases please ask us and we'll let you know what you'll need to do.

    Second, you'll need a CAE group to edit the site. This will be the group of people who can edit your site.

    You may also optionally assign the site a CAE group who has access to manage some of the site settings. It can be the same group as the group with editing privileges, or a different and possibly more restrictive group of users, or you may omit a management group entirely in which case only the site owner (you) will have access to change the site's settings.

    To set up a group:
    1. Go to My Account. Login with your CAE credentials.
    2. Click on "Create a new Group" in the "Group Memberships" section.
    3. Follow the directions and fill in the CAE usernames of the people who will be editing your site. If you have people who do not have CAE usernames who wish to edit your site, let us know and we'll work something out.

    Finally, click the Create New Vhost link under the Virtual Hosts section of the My Account page of the CAE website and enter in your information. Or use the following link: Create New Vhost.

    Now that you have a new vhost, you can begin editing the files. See Vhosts: Editing for more information on how to edit your files. It may take around 15 minutes for the DNS information to update (making your site viewable from your web browser), so please be patient. If you are using a Microsoft Windows operating system, you may need to reboot for the change to be noticed by the Operating System.

Other tools for editing website content:

  1. Individual Website Statistics
  2. .htaccess and Security
  3. phpmyadmin and MySQL databases (requires your account to be activated by the Unix staff as described in the first paragraph of this article).

PhPMyAdmin Tutorials:

Please note that in the event that the owner leaves the university, the account expires, or otherwise becomes unaffiliated with the University, the vhost will automatically be suspended, and subsequently removed.

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