ECMS - WebNow End-of-Life

The way that some Imaging Service users interact with the Imaging system may change. This document provides information on options for use of WebNow.

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What we know

What options to WebNow exist?

What we know

Because of issues with Java support in web browsers, we began the process to minimize use of WebNow some time ago. We eventually reached a situation (with Apple's recent change for its Safari browser) where only one web browser, Internet Explorer v11 on WindowsOS, supports use of Java. Effective January, 2019, Oracle Corporation now requires that all non-personal use of Java RunTime Environment (JRE) be licensed. Oracle considers the University to be "commercial" for licensing in this area.

This is now the situation with respect to use of Java and a JRE:

Given that Perceptive Experience has gained a feature set that makes it a viable alternative and that it is the web application Hyland now develops, WebNow as a client option is discontinued effective with the deployment the February, 2019, patch.

What options to WebNow exist?

Perceptive Experience

Perceptive Experience is an HTML5 web client that can access and view documents in the Imaging System on all operating systems. Unlike WebNow Perceptive Experience does not "look" like the Perceptive Content desktop client. Thus there is "get acquainted" period in learning its use. We have several KnowledgeBase documents about Perceptive Experience:

Perceptive Content (Desktop Client)

The Perceptive Content desktop client will remain available. Windows users may install it, while Apple OSX users will need to take additional steps: