BN - Self Service Updating Other Health Insurance Information


This document shows an employee how to update their Other Health Insurance and Medicare Information through Self Service.


You may click on the links below to navigate directly to a section:


  1. Log in to MyUW System Portal (UW Madison employees using Self Service please use MyUW Portal).

  2. Click on the Personal Information link (please note your dashboards may be in a different place on the screen.)

    Personal Information Portal Page

  3. Click on Update My Personal Information link.

Update Coordination of Benefits

  1. Select Coordination of Benefits from the left menu.


  3. To change the answer for "My spouse/domestic partner is also a State of WI employee", click in the response field and the answer will change between yes and no.

  4. Spouse state employee

  5. To update Other Health Insurance information, pick from the Other Health Insurance drop down list.
    • If your answer is 'Yes', then list all known information regarding the other insurance using the following three fields: Insurance Company Name, Insurance Policy Number, Insurance Group Number.

  6. COB button

  7. Press Save when all information has been entered and a green success bar will appear momentarily at the top of the page.

Update Medicare Information

  1. Select Medicare Information from the left menu.


  3. Enter the effective date of medicare coverage and your Medicare Number.


  5. In the 'Medicare A Indicator' and/or 'Medicare B Indicator' field, if applicable,
    • Change indicator by clicking in the Yes/No field.
    • Select a Reason from the drop down list.


  7. Click the Save button and a green success banner will appear briefly at the top of the page.


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