Condor: Monitoring Your Job

how to view the status of your condor job

The Condor queue contains records of all the jobs that are either currently running or waiting to run.

To view the entire condor queue, type:

 > condor_q

To list only your jobs, append your login name as in:

 > condor_q username

To see only your jobs that are actually running, use

 > condor_q -r username

You'll notice that in the condor_q output, each job is identified by a pair of numbers in the form cluster.process. A cluster is a group of jobs that were submitted together. In the following commands you can refer to all the jobs in a cluster by giving a cluster number, or to a specific job by specifying the full cluster.process pair.

Some other useful commands:

Get the full status of a specific job :

 > condor_q -l 22100.0 

Analyze the requirements of a job and why it is not running:

> condor_q -better-analyze 22100.0 

Remove all the jobs from a specific cluster:

 > condor_rm 22100 

Remove only one job:

 > condor_rm 22100.0 

Get a summary of submitting users:

 > condor_status -submitters 

Get a list of all machines in the condor pool:

 > condor_status 

See the Condor Documentation for more information on managing condor jobs.

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