Voice/Telephone Services (Centrex) - Forwarding Calls

Call Forward Variable (*116) is a feature which enables you to forward all incoming calls to a telephone number within or outside of the Centrex system.

Enable Call Forwarding

  1. Lift telephone receiver and hear dial tone on the number you are forwarding.
  2. Dial *116, then
  3. Dial the number you are forwarding to:
    • Dial 5 digits only if forwarding to a Centrex line.
    • Dial 9 and 7 digits if forwarding to non-centrex local number.
    • Dial 8 +1 and 10 digits if forwarding to a long distance number.
  4. Hear confirmation tones (series of beeps) followed by ringing or busy.
    • If busy, hang up and restart this process a 2nd time.  This will complete the process.
    • If someone answers, or voice mail picks up, then this process is complete.
  5. Confirm the process worked by calling the number. It should now be forwarded to the designated number.
  6. Repeat the process if forwarding did not activate.
Note 1: If forwarding to a telephone without voice mail then the destination telephone will keep ringing until it is answered or the incoming caller disconnects.

Note 2: If forwarding to a cell phone, the cell phone must be answered to complete the forwarding.

Deactivating Call Forwarding

  1. Lift telephone receiver and hear dial tone.
  2. Dial *118, then
  3. Hear confirmation tones (series of beeps) before you hang up.
  4. Confirm forwarding has been removed by dialing the telephone number. It should ring at the normal location.
  5. Repeat if forwarding did not deactivate.

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