WiscVPN GlobalProtect VPN

University of Wisconsin-Madison's VPN Service

WiscVPN is based on the Palo Alto client named GlobalProtect. The GlobalProtect client can be downloaded either by

Installing and Connecting

See WiscVPN - Overview for information on installing and connecting to WiscVPN on multiple types of devices.

IP Addressing

When workstations are connected to the GlobalProtect vpn service, the client computers will not be NAT translated while on campus and use the IP address ranges of:

All workstations, servers, firewalls, networking equipment on campus will see the as a source address.

When workstations are connected to the GlobalProtect vpn service and accessing non-campus Internet sites, the client computers IP source address will be translated to

Departmental GlobalProtect based WiscVPN Service:

The external Public IP used for GlobalProtect Departmental VPN are allocated from (with some grandfathered exceptions)

The End User IP assignments for Departmental VPN GlobalProtect users are assigned from (with the following exceptions)


Filtering: The service allows for protection of client devices through the use of URL filtering of malware and phishing sites. The policy of what is filtered is determined and implemented through the Office of Cybersecurity.

Tunneling: The GlobalProtect VPN service tunnels ALL traffic though campus.

NOTE: The service does NOT yet support IPv6