CALS HelpDesk - Updating Your Profile

Instructions for updating your profile in the CALS HelpDesk system

Profile Updates

CALS HelpDesk client information has been initially populated from a known source of CALS Administrative Computing Services customers.    New clients to the CALS HelpDesk system are added once the new client logs into the web interface with their netid credentials at: 

Once your client account has been created, you can modify the information located in your profile.

Modifying Your CALS HelpDesk Profile
  1. Log into the CALS HelpDesk system at:
  2. Select the Profile tab.   Your client profile information will be displayed:

  1. You can modify any of the fields located on the profile page:
  1. Once you have finished modifying the information on the page, click on the Save button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

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