University Committee Meeting Minutes 2016-11-21

Minutes passed 11/28/2016
Minutes for November 21, 2016

UC members present: Amasino (arrived 1:55), Bowers, Broman, Litovsky, Wanner, Wendt (chair)
Others present: S. Smith, J. Richard, C. Goldberg, M. Felber, O. Arain, J. Smith, P. Denis, J. O’Meara, H. Daniels, J. Franco-Morales, J. Maldonado 

Chair Amy Wendt called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. Secretary Steve Smith announced assignments for UWPD search and screen governance meetings and discussed UC schedule on upcoming university holidays. There will be no UC meeting on December 26. The meetings of January 2nd and January 16th may be rescheduled. The minutes of the meeting of November 14, 2016, were approved, despite outdated symbol usage.

PROFS lobbyist Jack O’Meara informed the UC that the state insurance board is looking at self-insurance and PROFS and ASPRO have been asked by the retirement association for an opinion/position. There are faculty experts on this topic on campus and it was the topic of a forum last spring. The state fiscal report is due out imminently. Ample discussion of post-tenure review, especially the Milwaukee policy, followed, with substantial input from guests attending the meeting. 

OHR director of workforce relations Patrick Sheehan discussed revisions to the Minor Protection and Adult Leadership Policy. (Mark Walters was unable to attend.) Revisions clarify employee responsibilities and reporting, as well as definition of “contact.” Other institutions have supporting documentation providing additional guidance. EO54 creates overarching responsibilities, which the policy revisions augment. Ample discussion, focusing largely on applicability to research and clinical care, which consensus indicates should be added as exceptions. Sheehan will discuss additional changes with legal and HR; policy will be posted by UWS deadline of end of November; and Faculty Senate will discuss in December. 

Faculty member David Rosenthal and the UC discussed a Faculty Senate resolution supporting religious minorities. Amid ample discussion, consensus that there possible ways forward include: broaden resolution to encompass other targeted/vulnerable groups; leave resolution specifically about Muslims and indicate that it is a first step after which other resolutions could address other groups; figure out a way to bring the topic to Senate for discussion with resolution(s) to follow. All agreed that the latter pushed the topic too far into the future. Strong consensus to broaden the title and create a preamble that acknowledges the larger sense of the moment and identifies some other specific groups, to leave the whereas clauses specifically about Muslims (adding in additional language about recent developments), and to leave the resolved clause as is. Rosenthal, Litovsky, Broman, and Arain will work together to redraft language.

Provost Sarah Mangelsdorf provided feedback from recent System chancellors’ meeting, which she attended for Madison, on: extra-RPD PTR administrative review requirement; performance-based budgeting, which is now leaning towards System-wide metrics; and reallocation of funding distribution across campuses. The UC updated the provost on developments related to academic staff instructional titles. Discussion ensued.

Anthropology professors Amy Stambach and Jerome Camal presented a Faculty Senate resolution supporting undocumented students. Significant discussion and wordsmithing followed, including adding reference to the letter from university presidents (which our chancellor has also signed) affirming the importance of DACA; the role of DREAMERS, who are not in DACA; and difficulty of addressing needs of a group which is sensitive about disclosing information. Some discussion about similar sanctuary petition. The resulting revised document will be presented to the Senate in December.
Chancellor Rebecca Blank, a few minutes late due to a phone call with a regent, updated the UC on the search for a new police chief, on her lunch with Speaker Vos, and on the possibility of a return of the campus carry debate. The UC and Blank discussed PTR policy at considerable length. Based on conversations with regents and others about various campus policies, the UC decided to draft a clarification memo to the Board and President Cross, outlining why the Madison policy is appropriate for the realities of this campus and how it is in complete compliance with the Board’s wishes. Blank will follow up with calls. Wendt will draft letter for consideration next week.

Litovsky moved to convene in closed session pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c) and (f) to discuss personnel matters. The motion was seconded and passed at 3:05 p.m. The University Committee reviewed and unanimously approved two dual role waiver requests and two tenure clock extensions. Litovsky moved to reconvene in open session. The motion was seconded and passed at 3:19 p.m., and then Wendt adjourned the meeting.

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