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eduroam, UW–Madison’s secure wireless network, is updating its trusted certificate on Tuesday, April 23, at 10pm. You will be prompted to accept/“trust” the new certificate on each device that connects to eduroam. Please accept this new certificate, as a valid certificate guarantees that the network you’re connecting to is legitimate. If you do not accept, you will not be able to connect to eduroam.

This document describes the benefits of using eduroam vs other networks like UWNet by answering some key questions.

What is eduroam wireless (education roaming)?

    • Eduroam is a secure world-wide network that acts as a large hotspot for the educational community
    • Eduroam is made possible by a federation of servers that allows you to connect to the wireless network at participating institutions
    • Eduroam is easily accessed and only requires your NetID and password to connect

Why is eduroam more secure vs other wireless networks like UWNet?

    • Eduroam provides increased security via secure network protocols such as 802.1x
    • Wireless networks like eduroam use end-to-end encryption for authentication credentials
    • When you connect to eduroam at another institution, your credentials are sent securely back to UW-Madison where they are authenticated

Why should you choose eduroam?

  • You can feel confident that your data is secure when using eduroam due to the use of some of the most secure encryption standards
    • US eduroam institutions
    • Eduroam is ever growing as more hotspots are being added around the world and are appearing in more types of locations as well (libraries, coffee shops, museums)
  • Eduroam is widely available in over 78 countries!
  • Eduroam is cross platform and can be used on Windows, Apple OSX, a vast majority of mobile devices, and Linux distributions
  • Eduroam requires minimum configuration to setup and access, and allows people like traveling faculty, staff, study abroad students, and students visiting for NCAA events to easily access a secure network

If you have any questions regarding Eduroam or want more information, please feel free to contact the DoIT Helpdesk.

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