QWS3270 - Access to Mainframe Computing Part 2

What is QWS3270?

QWS3270 is a Telnet client application that allows a PC running Windows to connect to an IBM mainframe using the Windows Sockets interface in the 3270 mode (TN3270). The application was designed to take full advantage of the point and click capabilities of Windows.

For more information on using QWS3270 for mainframe access, see the on-line help available in the QWS3270 application under the Help drop down menu.

Running QWS3270

If you are using a modem connection you need to double click on the WiscWorld connect icon, to establish a dial-up connection. If you are using an Ethernet connection you are all set and only need to continue on with the next step.

To use TN3270, double click on the QWS3270 icon in the WiscWorld for Windows Program Group

QWS3270 automatically connects to UW-Madison's mainframe computer.

Remember that Windows defaults to Num Lock=ON. To use the functions on the numeric keypad (such as the arrow keys) with your mainframe application, turn Num Lock=OFF.

Also, remember that the Windows keyboard uses auto=repeat. So be careful about holding down keys such as Enter when using a mainframe transaction. What that would do is fill up your keyboard buffer with the command "Enter" and all the commands would have to be cleared out before it would get to the command you may have typed in for the transaction you are running.

Click on the Help on the Menu Bar and then clicking About... will display the following window and this will show you what version of QWS3270 you are running.

Connecting to another mainframe host

To connect to a mainframe other than UW-Madison or to change the default connection from the UW-Madison mainframe, go to the Options pull-down menu and select Miscellaneous or Setup (depending on what version of TN3270 you have - these also might be called Session and Administration). (Newer versions are covered in Document 14707).

Select None in the Disconnect Options,
click OK,
click on Host in the Menu Bar,
click on Close,
click OK,
Click on Host again,
click on Connect,
fill-in the Session Name field (this will be the address of the host you want to connect to),
click on Connect.

You have now made a Telnet connects to a new host computer.

With older versions of QWS3270 (ver. 2.x ) the process is the same, but the Windows will look a little different.

You will first click on Setup in the Menu Bar and select Options from the drop down menu.

Make sure you unchecked the Exit on Close box.
click OK,
click on Host in the Menu Bar,
click on Close,
click OK,
click on Host again,
click on Connect,

This display will look like:

Fill-in the Session Name field with the new host address,
click Connect.

You are now connected to the new host address.

Note: Normally you will have the Exit on Close box checked with either version so that the Telnet (3270 session) will close the window when you exit the application.

Summary of Connection Options

QWS3270 offers several ways to connect to a mainframe:

  1. Use the CONNECT menu item. QWS3270 will open the connect dialog box to allow you to enter the name or IP address of the host. This method is useful if you connect to many different hosts.
  2. Use the AUTO CONNECT option. The SETUP/OPTION menu allows you to customize QWS3270 to your preference. You can change the default host from the UW-Madison mainframe to another mainframe using this menu. If you set AUTO CONNECT to yes, QWS3270 will automatically connect to the host when you select the QWS3270 icon. This is useful if you always connect to the same host and want to bypass the connect dialog box.
  3. Include a host on the command line when you create the icon. The command line would be similar to c:\directory\qws3270 host port. The port is optional and defaults to the value in the qws3270.ini file. When QWS3270 finds a command line host, it automatically connects to the host when you select the icon. Use this method if you typically connect to several hosts and you want to bypass the connect dialog box. Just create an icon for each host, with the host name or IP address on the command line.

Continue to QWS3270 - Access to Mainframe Computing Part 3.

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