UWMSN - Job and Employee Management System (JEMS) - Authorization Form Instructions

This document provides instructions on how to access JEMS as well as a link to the JEMS authorization form.

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Accessing the JEMS Authorization Form

In order to access any component of the Job and Employee Management System (JEMS) a user must complete a JEMS Production Application Role Authorization form. The form is a fillable PDF and should be completed electronically for accurate processing, including electronic signatures through Adobe Acrobat.

Form Instructions and Guidance

Section 1 - User and Position Related Information

This section captures information about the user and position.

Important notes about this section:

Section 2 - Authorizations

This section captures information about the JEMS access that the user needs.


Access Level

Receive Emails

Section 3 - Legal Agreement

This section informs the user of their responsibilities regarding the system and captures signatures of the user and various approvers.

Section 4 - Approvals

User signature

Supervisor signature

College/School/Division JEMS Custodian

Submitting the JEMS Authorization Form

Once the form has been completed, email to JEMSaccess@ohr.wisc.edu.