UWMSN - Job and Employee Management System (JEMS) - Authorization Form Instructions

This document provides instructions on how to access JEMS as well as a link to the JEMS authorization form.

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Accessing the JEMS Authorization Form

In order to access any component of the Job and Employee Management System (JEMS) a user must complete a JEMS Production Application Role Authorization form. The form is a fillable PDF and should be completed electronically for accurate processing, including electronic signatures through Adobe Acrobat.

Form Instructions and Guidance

Section 1 - User and Position Related Information

This section captures information about the user and position.

Screenshot of Section 1 - User and Position Related Information from JEMS Authorization Form
Section 1 - User and Position Related Information

Important notes about this section:

Section 2 - Authorizations

This section captures information about the JEMS access that the user needs.

Screenshot of Section 2 - Authorizations from JEMS Authorizations Form
Section 2 - Authorizations


List the UDDSs for JEMS transactions that the user will need to access. You may enter any component of a UDDS on the JEMS Authorization Form. If a Unit, Division, or Department is listed, it will provide access to all smaller components within the UDDS. For example, requesting access to A02 will include all departments and subdepartments within the A02 division.

Diagram of UDDS A022045 showing specific Unit, Division, Department, and Subdepartment components

UDDS is an initialism for Unit-Division-Department-Subdepartment - the increasingly specific components that describe where relationships fit within the UW System organizational structure.

Access Action

Select whether you are adding or removing the listed access.

Access Level

The Access Level determines the statuses that the user can move transactions into.

Receive Emails

Indicate whether the user should receive emails from the requested JEMS systems for their authorized UDDS(s).

Section 3 - Legal Agreement

This section informs the user of their responsibilities regarding the system and captures signatures of the user and various approvers.

Screenshot of Section 3 - Legal Agreement from JEMS Authorization Form
Section 3 - Legal Agreement

Section 4 - Approvals

Some signatures are optional for different Access Actions.

Screenshot of Section 4 - Approvals from JEMS Authorization Form
Section 4 - Approvals

User signature

Supervisor signature

College/School/Division JEMS Custodian

Submitting the JEMS Authorization Form

Once the form has been completed, email to JEMSAccess@ohr.wisc.edu. If you are gathering electronic signatures through DocuSign, make sure you route the form to JEMSAccess@ohr.wisc.edu for the OHR JEMS Data Custodian Signature.