QWS3270 - Access to Mainframe Computing Part 4

The other way to log into IMSVS is to use the TPX selection from the NTX menu, this is F2 from that menu:

You can select the TPX option. Either by pressing F2 or moving the cursor to that line and pressing Enter or typing TPX in on the command line and pressing Enter:

The TPX sign-in screen is really a lot more informative than the ADMIN sign-in screen. Currently with the ADMIN sign-in screen you are not told that your password is about to expire, where TPX will give you a warning screen for about a week before the password expires.

Also, this screen will tell you if you have suspended your password. This usually happens when you have forgotten your password and typed it in incorrectly three times in a row. If you don't want to suspend your password, only make two attempts to type in the password and if it doesn't work press F3 to logoff (go back to the NTX menu) and then press F2 again for TPX and try it two more time again. This is true for the ADMIN sign on screen, also.

Changing the Password

In order to change your password on this screen you first enter your logonid and your current password and then Tab down to the New Password line and enter the 5-8 character new password you want to use and then Tab once more to the second New Password field and again type in the new password to verify it. Then press Enter. You should get a screen verifying that your password has been successfully updated.

The Transfer Field

The other line on that screen is the field call Transfer. You use this field to transfer your active session from one computer to the computer that you are currently signing onto. In otherwords, if you were in your office and had logged onto 3270 from there and then later you went to someone else's office and wanted to sign into 3270 again, but you did not want to close everything you had open during your first session, you can type in the word YES on the transfer field and it will sign you in and transfer all open application from your first session to this new session.

If you try to login and you already had a first session going you would get the message that a Security Violation has occurred and it will ask you do you want to transfer the first session. Just type YES in the Transfer field and the transfer takes place.

Once you are signed into TPX the TPX menu is displayed:

From this menu you can select IMSVS just as you would select ADMIN from the NTX menu, but in this case it is F3.

The advantage of this menu is that you can log into several applications from this menu at the same time and jump between sessions without closing the others. The other advantage is that once you log into TPX you don't have to log into the other applications as TPX remembers your signon and password and will log you in to whatever application you select, so long as you have authorization to use that application.

Exiting TPX

To exit TPX there are a couple of commands you should know about.

As I said there may be several applications open under TPX. Rather than going into each application to close it you can type on the command line I ALL. "I" stands for interrupt. This command tells the system to interrupt all open applications. You can also enter an "I" on the line in front of whatever application you have open in order to close it without having to enter it. This can come in handy when a session is hung.

Once you have all the session closed you can exit TPX by entering a "K" on the command line and this will back you out to the NTX menu.

Another "K" on the command line in the NTX menu and you will exit your 3270 session and the window will close if you have defined the session option to perform in tha way.

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