QWS3270 - Access to Mainframe Computing Part 6

This document details QWS3270 menu commands.

Menu Commands

Where to Get Help


This item opens a dialog box that allows you to establish a connection to a host. The dialog box contains these fields:


Use this menu item to close the connection with the host. No attempt is made to log off or sign off from the host before the connection is closed.


This menu item closes the window if no connection with a host exits.


Allows access to these Windows clipboard functions:

Print Screen

Allows the contents of the screen to be copied to an attached printer. Activate this using the mouse or by pressing the CTRL and P keys at the same time. This function will invoke the Windows Print Manager.


This menu item allows you to customize QWS3270 to your preference.

Note that the only screen attributes available are Protected/Unprotected and Normal/Bright (under colors, below). If you need extended attributes, a shareware version of QWS3270 is available from the vendor (see the WiscWorld on-line help accompanying QWS3270 for name and address).

Note also that extended attributes are available with some Natural transactions on the DoIT mainframe. If you are using WiscWorld for Windows with one of those transactions and a screen asks if your terminal supports Extended Attributes, respond No.

You can customize QWS3270 using these fields:


-- This menu item allows you to set the options provided in QWS3270 to your preference.


-- This menu allows you to customize the colors used by QWS3270.


-- This menu item invokes the Windows-supplied Font Selection dialog box to allow you to choose the font that QWS3270 should use to display the text on the terminal. This dialog box only shows fixed-pitched screen fonts. The default font is FIXEDSYS.


-- This menu item invokes the Windows-supplied Printer Setup dialog box to allow you to choose the printer that QWS3270 should use for all printer output. This setting is saved in the .ini file for future use.


- Provides access to the following QWS3270 help features:

Where to Get Help

If you need help with QWS3270 Secure:

  1. Call the DoIT Help Desk at 264-HELP (264-4357; from campus phones, call 4-HELP) and select option # 2. Be ready to provide this information:
    • Your name and/or your username.
    • The type of machine you are using and its operating system.
    • As much detail as possible about what you are attempting to do, especially any error messages.
  2. You can also send an email message to help@doit.wisc.edu. Be sure to include all the information listed in above.

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