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A Term is a numeric data element within SIS that refers to a specific semester.  There is a Fall, a Spring, and a Summer semester for all students.  e.g., Term # 1224 is the Spring of 2021-22 school year.  An explanation of the format is described in the following table.

1stThe century of the term
0 = 20th century
1 = 21st century
2nd and 3rdacademic year
Fall, Spring, Summer
(e.g. 2021-2022)
99 = 1998 – 1999
22 = 2021 - 2022
4ththe actual term
 2 = Fall   
4 = Spring
6 = Summer

Within SIS, Term/Session Dates can be found by following the menu path:

> Records and Enrollment > Dates and Deadlines > Session Dates and Deadlines

Term Codes can be found here:

SIS Term Codes 

Session Codes can be found here.

SIS Session Codes

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