NS-WAN Team Meeting Minutes 1-12-17

Summary of NS-WAN Team Meeting Thursday 1-12-17

Attendees: Mike Blodgett, Will Boettcher, Pat Christian, Tim Czerwonka, Michael Hare, Bill Jensen, Paul Nazario, Dan Parenteau

1. DNS/DHCP project update (Kudos & quick status)

* Congrats & good work 

* Cleanup & completion of phase 1 work underway

* Planning for phase 2 underway

2. CAIDA scans on NS-LAN (mv to campus border?)

3. 100Gbps ASR 9k card & Animal vs CSSC termination (research wave)

4. Google peering @ MICE

* Discussion tabled until next meeting

5. UWO SysNet rack lift (1/23)

6. SysNet & AT&T update

* Pat note UW-System is having discussion with AT&T about services UW can purchase to reduce Centrex voice service rate increases.  May involve SysNet buying AT&T transit among other things.