WiscWeb - Documents Listing Page Element

This document explains how to add a Documents Listing to your pages. For an example, see the UW Theme website.


The Document Listing Page Element works in conjunction with Document Pages to deliver a list of documents that can be used on your site.

Documents Listing page element

Layout Availability

Documents Listing is available in One, Two, and Three Column Content Layouts.

Best Practices

  • Documents can be added manually to a Text Block. The advantage to a Documents Listing is it is pre-formatted for uniform Document Listings across your site and they can be re-used across your site if you need to list the same set of documents in multiple places.

Adding a Document Listing to your Page

  1. Navigate to the page on which you want to add a Document Listing.

  2. Scroll to the Primary Content Area and the Layout on which you want to add the Document Listing.

  3. At the bottom of that Layout, click on Add Page Element.

  4. On the Page Element list, click on Document Listing.

Using a Document Listing

The Document Listing works in conjunction with Document Pages. Before a document can display in a Document List, you must first add it as a Document Page. For instructions on doing this, see WiscWeb - Making documents available for download.

Each Document Listing has the following options:

documents listing options displayed on a screen

  • Title: You can enter a title for the list that will appear at the top.

  • What kind of document list?: You can choose which document appear in your list. Your options are All Documents, Documents by Category/Type, and Selected Documents. All Documents will show all documents in the list. Documents by Category/Type allow you to use Categories and/or Types and display only those Documents.

  • Document Category: If you choose Documents by Category/Type, you can choose a category and all documents of that category will display in the list. We do not recommend this option, as categories can apply to other types of content. If you want to display documents by keyword, we recommend using Document Types (below).

  • Document Type: If you choose Documents by Category/Type, you can choose a type and all documents of that type will display in the list.

  • Includes Summary?: Check this box if you want to include the Document Summary in the Document Listing.

Video Demonstration (with audio)

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