Kaltura - Options for Recording Video of Yourself (UW-Madison)

This document provides users with a quick reference on how to record video using various devices, apps, or software.

NOTE: Of all the recording options listed below only Kaltura Capture, the Kaltura MediaSpace webcam recorder, and the Canvas Webcam Recorder are supported by Learn@UW-Madison. We can not provide assistance with any other applications. The options below are a good place to get started. For current tutorials, use Google to search for “[Name of your device] record video”.

Device/App OS Instructions
Kaltura MediaSpace Webcam Recorder Browser-Based Link for using in MediaSpace
Link for using in Canvas
Canvas Webcam Recorder
Browser-Based Link
Kaltura Capture
Windows or macOS Link
iPhone iOS Link
Google Pixel Android Link
Windows Computer Windows 10 Link
Windows Computer Windows 8 and 8.1 Link
Windows Computer Windows 7 Link
Apple Computer macOS Link
Chromebook Chrome OS Link