MyUW Madison - Update Employee Personal Information

Employee personal information can be updated or verified using the Personal Information app in MyUW. Employees can use the app to edit their Name in Use (formerly known as preferred name), change campus business email, and access the Human Resources System (HRS) to update other personal information such as address and phone.

Employees (including student employees) are eligible to use the Personal Information app, however, this app only applies to employee information, so student employees should also update their personal information in Student Center.
Any user with a NetID can update their name in use following MyUW Madison - Update Name in Use (Preferred Name).
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Access the Personal Information App
Name in Use 
Campus Business Email 
HRS Personal Information

Access the Personal Information App

Log into MyUW at and locate the Personal Information app. If needed, search for the app at the top of your homepage.

Personal Information tile in MyUW

Update Personal Information

Name in Use

Formerly known as preferred name, employees can update their name in use by clicking Edit. You will be taken to the Name in Use MyUW app to Change or Delete your name in use to be displayed across campus systems. 

Please see MyUW Madison - Update Name in Use (Preferred Name) for instructions and policies. 

image of Primary/Legal Name and Name in use fields of Personal Info app with the edit option circles

Campus Business Email

To update the email address you wish to receive campus business communications from, click Change. Your campus email address can be changed using the Wisc Account Administration application. 

image of Office address with Room 1 123 Rose Bowl Ln Madison, WI 53715-1150, Primary office phone blank, and campus business email with change button circled.

Personal Information and Address

The home address that displays in this app is the home address you have in the Human Resources System (HRS). 

Example image of home address fields with 123 BADGER ST Madison, WI 53705-1234, Phone blank and Relase Home Address: No

Employees can click Update my Personal Information to access HRS Self-Service and update the following:

  • Addresses (Home & Mail)

  • Contact Details (Phone & Email)

  • Preferred Name: Note - this is different from UW-Madison’s Name in Use; this reference is only for a field called “preferred” first name in HRS that may update your first name in some screens in HRS. 

  • Emergency Contacts

  • Release Home Information

  • Marital Status

  • Coordination of Benefits

  • Medicare Information

  • Ethnic Groups

  • Veteran Status

  • Disability

image of update my personal information linked text with the options what personal information to change in HRS that were just listed in text.


If after launching the app, you receive an error that your "Data could not be retrieved", please contact your Human Resources representative. The Personal Information app requires HRS data and an employee status to function properly, and your employment status may need to be updated. For further assistance, please contact UW Shared Services at or (608)262-0600.

Need Help?

If any of your data appears to be incorrect or missing, please contact UW Shared Services. For assistance with navigating the Personal Information app, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.