Microsoft 365 - Your subscription has expired

When using any of the Microsoft Office desktop applications, you receive "Your subscription has expired" error. This is caused by your Office 365 license change. This happens when you change from being a faculty/staff/student status to an alumni/emeritus status.

Office desktop applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, etc...) will remain installed on your computer, but Windows versions will enter a 30-day grace period of full functionality before entering reduced functionality mode (read only). Mac versions will enter reduced functionality mode and will not have a grace period. Depending on when Office last performed its most recent activation/reactivation, you may have up to 29 days before the additional 30-day grace period begins.

When you enter this grace period, you will begin to receive the following message when you open one of the Office applications:


  •   Can I see the number of grace days I have left?
    • Important: For Office for the Mac, Microsoft does not have the ability to confirm the number of grace days left. Office for the Mac will go into reduced functionality mode as soon as you no longer have a license for Office.

      For Windows computer, perform the following steps

      1. Save the GetGrace file to your computer.
      2. Rename the file so that it ends in .vbs instead of .txt.
      3. Open a command prompt window.
      4. Change directories to the directory where you download the file.
      5. Run "cscript GetGrace.vbs". The program will return your license status and the number of grace days you have left.

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