SIS/SFS/WISPER - Error: "Your PeopleSoft session has expired"

This document explains why PeopleSoft application users (SIS, SFS, WISPER, Faculty Center, Student Center) receive the error message "Your PeopleSoft session has expired" or other errors when attempting to log into the system.

This issue revealed itself after WISPER went live. Using SIS and SFS at the same time in the same web browser generates errors. A long term solution to this issue is being developed.

Specific Symptoms

Individuals who attempt to login into SFS (WISPER) and SIS (Faculty Center / Student Center) while already logged into the other system will usually receive a "Your PeopleSoft session has expired" message. Other failed login errors may occur. When a individual eventually successfully logs into the second system, the session in the first system will be terminated resulting in various errors when the first system is accessed again.

Temporary Workaround

SFS and SIS must be opened in separate web browsers to use them simultaneously.

For example:

Note: The same workaround does not work in Firefox. Opening two separate Firefox windows or browsers will not allow the SFS and SIS sessions to run simultaneously.