Cisco VoIP - Voicemail Portal Sign in and Overview

Overview of how to sign in to voicemail for Cisco VoIP

Access the Cisco Unity Voicemail Portal
  • Verify you are connected to the campus network, either through a wired or wireless connection (such as UWNet). If you are off-campus, first connect to WiscVPN per these instructions:WiscVPN - How to Install, Connect, Uninstall, and Disconnect WiscVPN Palo Alto GlobalProtect
  • You may need to sign in with your NetID and password
  • You can also access your voicemail through any telephone, see Cisco VoIP - Accessing voicemail from a telephone
  • This portal will not work for common (not assigned to a specific named person) voicemail account. For example, an account assigned Jane Smith can access the voicemail portal. An account named Jane Smith Lab would not have portal access. You can access common account voicemail from a phone. If you would like to have email notification for a shared account, please contact your authorized user to submit an account change request. Cisco VoIP Request Forms
  • The Web Inbox can only contain one voicemail box. If you have multiple voicemail boxes assigned to you, you will only be able to see one in the portal.
  • We recommend using a browser such as Chrome or Firefox. The portal does not work well with Internet Explorer.

After signing in, your inbox will be displayed

Web inbox

Voicemail functions

  1. Message playback, see Cisco VoIP - Playing voicemail messages in the portal
  2. Replying or sending voicemail messages, see Cisco VoIP - Replying and sending voicemail messages in the portal
  3. Managing folders, see Cisco VoIP - Managing deleted and sent item folders in the voicemail portal
  4. Personal preferences, see Cisco VoIP - Changing your personal preferences in the voicemail portal
  5. Changing your voicemail PIN, see Cisco VoIP - Changing Voicemail PIN
  6. Setting up email notifications, see Cisco VoIP - Email notification of new voicemail messages
  7. Changing greetings, see Cisco VoIP - Change voicemail greetings in the portal
  8. Deleting messages, see Cisco VoIP - Emptying deleted items in the voicemail portal

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