Cisco VoIP - Change voicemail greetings in the portal

How to change greetings in the voicemail portal

You must be first logged into the portal. Please note that you must be either on a UW-Madison campus network or using VPN to access the portal. Portal access is only for accounts assigned to an individual person. For more information, see Cisco VoIP - Voicemail Portal Sign in and Overview

Messaging Assistant

Your voicemail account settings can be customized through the web browser. Click the Settings button to open the Messaging Assistant page.

Screenshot of settings button


Cisco Unity Connection allows subscribers to define Standard, Alternate, Busy, Internal, Closed and Holiday greetings. 

Please note that a caller will be able to leave a message no matter which greeting is active. Preventing a user from leaving a message is not configurable by users. If you need to prevent callers from leaving a message, a voicemail administrator can configure that for you. Please contact the DoIT Help Desk at least one week in advance.

Managing Greetings

From the Greetings drop-down menu:

1. Select View Greetings.

Screenshot of greetings tab

2. Select the desired greeting to be managed. In this example, the alternate greeting is chosen. (As noted above, you never want to use the Holiday or Closed options as those won't be heard.)

Greetings list

3. To enable or disable the greeting select the appropriate radio button. A time period for enabling the message is also configured.

greetings status dialog box

4. The greeting can be recorded by using Media Player. The default recording method is via the computer. You can switch to using a telephone but it will switch back to the default method between sessions. For more information on using the Cisco Media Player, see Cisco VoIP - Voicemail Media Player   

media player

5. The Callers See section can be ignored. This is for organizations that deployed video phones.

6. Select the Save button.  

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If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance