Cisco VoIP - Voicemail in Jabber (Windows/Mac)

How to use voicemail in Jabber. Note only voicemail accounts tied to an individual person will show up in Jabber. One voicemail account can be linked to only one NetID. One NetID can only be linked to one voicemail account. If you need to check voicemail for an account not linked to your NetID, you will need to call in to listen and control your mailbox.

The Voice Messages tab displays your voice messages in an interactive list. When you receive a voice message, you will see indication on the tab and the new voice messages will be displayed in bold.

Jabber voicemail
  • Select the Play button on the message to listen to the voicemail.
  • Click the play bar to navigate to any point in the voice message. Use the Pause button to pause playback.
  • Right click on a voice message to Call Back, Forward, Mark as Read or Unread, or Delete the message.




Windows voicemail options

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