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Learn how to use the course and sections panels in Course Search & Enroll app. Choose your courses for a term, select and view details of your preferred course sections.
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Please note: Some information or screenshots on this page may not reflect the new functionality and design changes that were implemented in Course Search & Enroll on May 20, 2021. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Course Panel

Select any course to show its information. The Course panel displays standard details about each course, including its official description, number of credits, and if it meets any General Education Requirements.

Some courses have much fuller descriptions, including reading lists and links to course web sites under “instructor-provided content”.

Many courses have “requisites” listed, or requirements that must be met before you can enroll in that course.
The requisites field may also list other rules about the course, perhaps related to the number of credits earned, or which sections have an Honors option.

Courses will also have “Subject Notes,” general information posted for all the courses in that subject.

At the bottom of the Course panel is a link to the website for the department that presents courses in this subject area.
There may also be links to more information about this subject area in the Guide, which is the master record of all UW–Madison’s courses, degrees, and majors. Course panel

Definitions of fields that could appear in course panel:

Sections Panel

Select the “See Sections” button in the Course panel to view the term-specific details for that course.
“Sections” are all the kinds of class meetings that make up a course. These include: When a course is made up of more than one kind of meeting (like a lecture, plus a discussion, plus a lab), these sections are arranged in specific combinations for enrollment. Certain discussions will be associated with certain lectures. A lab may be matched with one particular discussion. You enroll in these preset combinations.

Section filters

Details for all the course’s sections are shown in the Sections Panel. You can control which sections to view with the section filters. Adjust these filters by selecting the Section filters drop-down box: The Honors and Reserved section filters require at least one Seats filter to be selected.
If you don’t see all the sections that you expect, make sure that the filters are set to what you want, and that you are searching in the correct term (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Section filters

Section details

Open more information about each section by selecting the down arrow on the right end of the section’s row or the checkbox on the left side of the row.

Class availability
a real-time view of the class status:
check_circle Open: real-time count of seats still available.
warning Wait list: class full, but has a wait list.
report Closed: class full.

When instructors have submitted a list of textbooks for their course, that list will be viewable through a link in the section details.

Instructor-provided content
Week-by-week summaries of the course, announcements of special events or projects, and richer descriptions of the course itself might be found in the “instructor-provided content” link.
If you see this link active in the section detail, explore it to find out more about what the instructor is developing for this course.

Reserved section
View the specific student group that this section is reserved for by selecting this link.

Class notes
Some courses will display additional information under “Class notes,” such as whether the course meets with another course.

Session Dates & Deadlines
View the add, drop, and tuition adjustment dates for that class.

Section Information
Such as optional honors.

Many courses have requisites listed, or requirements that must be met before you can enroll in that course.

View the exam details for that class.

Class Numbers
Each specific class has a unique five-digit number (displayed as “Section Number” in the Enroll app).
When a lecture, lab, and discussion make up the whole course, each of those three sections will have their own five-digit class number.
These class numbers can be used to search for a specific section, using the “Add by Class Number” feature in the Search filters.

Section details

Course Options:

Choose whether to take the course with or without Honors

Some courses are set up to have a wait list when the section is fully enrolled. Select if you would like to automatically be added to that section’s wait list if the course is full at the moment that you try to enroll in it.

Course options: honors and waitlist

Select credits (variable credit)
Some courses are offered at different credit amounts, depending on activity like participating in an optional discussion section, completing Honors work, having graduate-student status, etc.
In the section details, choose the number of credits for a variable-credit course when you choose your section(s). (Your advisor, or a representative of the department offering the course, can help you determine your appropriate credit level.)

Variable credits

Do you have a permission number?
Some course require special permission before you can enroll. Please contact the department offering the course with your request. Most often, if you have been given permission to enroll, a settings change will be made by the department and then you complete enrollment as usual.
In some cases, the department will give you a permission number. Enter this number in the section details and then complete enrollment as usual.

Do you have a permission number?

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