Cisco VoIP - Handling multiple lines

Instruction on multiple lines and shared lines

Answer the Oldest Call First

You can answer the oldest call available on all your phone lines, answer the phone by picking up the receiver. Incoming calls always have priority over held or parked calls.  Otherwise, you can  press the line button for the incoming call you want to answer.

View All Calls on Your Phone

You can view a list of all your active calls—from all your phone lines—sorted in chronological order, oldest to newest.

The list of all calls is useful if you have multiple lines or if you share lines with other users. The list displays all your calls together.

You can also display your active calls on your primary line, which is useful if you want all your calls displayed on a single screen.


Press All Calls or the session button for your primary line.

Shared Lines

You can share a single phone number with one or more of your coworkers. For example, as an administrative assistant, you might be responsible for screening calls for the person that you support.

When you share a phone number, you can use that phone line just like you would any other line, but you should be aware of these special characteristics about shared lines:

Add Yourself to a Call on a Shared Line

You or your coworker can join a call on the shared line. Your administrator needs to enable the feature on your phone. Please have your authorized user place a Telephone Change Request. Cisco VoIP Request Forms


Step 1 Press the line button for the shared line or select the line and press Barge.

Note: You need to press Calls to add yourself to a call on a shared line.

Step 2 (Optional) If you see a confirmation message, press Yes to add yourself to the call.

Get Notified Before You Join a Call on a Shared Line

You can set up your phone to alert you when you barge in to a call. By default, the alert prompt is turned Off.


Step 1 Press Applications. Applications.jpg

Step 2 Select Settings > Barge Alert.

Step 3 Click On to enable the alert.

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance