UW-Madison Box - Remove @wisc.edu address from personal Box account

Effective September 19, 2017, individuals who used their @wisc.edu email address to create a personal Box account will be required to update their personal Box account with a non-@wisc.edu email address and remove their @wisc.edu email address or else convert the account into a UW Madison Enterprise account.

Why do I need to remove my @wisc.edu email address from my personal Box account?

Individuals who would like to keep their personal Box data separate from their UW-Madison Box account should remove their @wisc.edu email address from their personal Box account.

What happens if I do not remove @wisc.edu email address from my personal Box account by October 9, 2017?

All personal Box accounts using a <NetID>@wisc.edu email address will be automatically migrated to the UW-Madison Box environment. The data associated with the personal Box account will be moved into the UW-Madison Box account.

How do I remove my @wisc.edu email address from my personal Box account?

If you do not want your personal Box data migrated into UW-Madison Box, you will need to remove your @wisc.edu email address from your personal Box account.

Steps to remove your @wisc.edu email address from your personal Box account:

  1. Login to your personal box account here: https://account.box.com/login

    • If you do not know the password to your personal account, there will be an option to reset/recover the password.

  2. Access Account Settings from the drop down menu in the upper right corner and scroll down to the Login and Email Addresses section.

  3. Add a non-@wisc.edu email alias to the personal Box account.

  4. Promote your new email address to the primary email address on your personal Box account.

  5. Remove the @wisc.edu address from the  Login and Email Addresses section of the Account Settings page by clicking on the Remove link next to the address.

Next steps

If you would like to convert your personal Box account into a UW-Madison Box account before October 9, 2017, you can learn more here: https://kb.wisc.edu/box/page.php?id=76470.

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