Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - Requesting Student Activity Data From Pressbooks

Note: This document describes a learning analytics approach to help support student success. Students are unique individuals and are more complex than their data - be sure to consider them holistically. Please review UW-Madison Learning Analytics Guiding Principles before continuing in this document.

This document covers basic information on requesting a report on student use of a Pressbooks module. It also covers creating an export from Learning Locker for those technology staff who have access. Finally, the document covers basic information on Pressbooks analytics and what information is or is not captured in the Learning Locker.

If you are an instructor and would like to request a data export from Learning Locker for one of your Pressbooks modules:

  1. Contact the DoIT Help Desk and indicate that you would like assistance with a data report for a Pressbooks module. Please include the following information: your Pressbooks URL, your Canvas course URL, the list of specific data you need, and when you need the report.
  2. A Learn@UW-Madison team member will either contact you to request additional information, or they will send you a CSV file with the requested data within a few business days.

Creating Exports in Learning Locker

If you are a school, college, or department instructional technologist who would like a Learning Locker account to generate reports for instructors, please contact the DoIT Help Desk to request a consultation from Learn@UW-Madison.

Learning Locker is an open source learning record store designed to store learning activity statements generated by xAPI compliant learning modules. Learning Locker documentation can be found here: If you are a School, College, or Department instructional technology consultant who would like a Learning Locker account to generate reports for instructors, please contact the DoIT Help Desk

Analytics from Pressbooks

Only Pressbooks with H5P activities are able to send xAPI statements Learning Locker. We are able to capture a variety of data including user answers to questions and what time the user submitted them. Depending on how a Pressbooks module is designed with H5P activities, these data can be used to interpret a wide variety of situations.

Because analytics from Pressbooks is tied to interactions with embedded H5P activities, the following data is not collected:

Pressbooks is unable to send data about:

The LTI plugin for Pressbooks processes "Completed" and "Answered" xAPI statements to send a grade to the Canvas gradebook.

See Also:

For additional information on learning analytics at UW-Madison, please visit the learning analytics guide, What are the pedagogical uses of learning analytics?