UW-Madison Box - Tips for Managing a Cluttered Directory

This document offers advice on organizing or decluttering a Box directory that has a large number of items in the main folder.

Over time, your Box directory can grow quite large, particularly if you often collaborate with others in Box. This can make it difficult to navigate the items you have access to. Below are some tips for managing your directory, either through folder organization, item removal, or favorites.

General File/Folder Management

For files or folders that you personally own, it is always a good practice to regularly review the contents of your main directory to see if any can be deleted. Additionally, if you have a large number of individual files in your main directory, organizing them into one or more folders is an easy way to reduce clutter.

For more information on general management of your files and folders, please see: https://community.box.com/t5/How-to-Guides-for-Managing/Managing-Files-and-Folders/ta-p/19060

Using Favorites

Even if you are unable to remove items from your main directory, marking commonly-accessed files or folders as favorites is a good way to make them easy to locate. Rather than having to browse through or search within your entire directory, you will be able to go to the smaller list of items you have favorited to browse more quickly.

For information on managing favorites, please see: UW-Madison Box - Starring Files and Folders as Favorites

Managing Files and Folders When Collaborating

If you are collaborating with others, it can be particularly difficult to keep your directory organized, as you may be limited in how you can organize files and folders that are shared with you. For example, if another user shares three different folders with you, you will not be able to organize them by moving them into a single folder.

Project Directories

As in the scenario above, if you know that you will need to collaborate with the same person or group of users on a number of items, it is recommended that you use a Project Directory. This way, each of you will just have the Project Directory folder in your main Box directory, and all other files and folders can be organized within that folder.

For information on creating a Project Directory, please see: UW-Madison Box - Project Directories

Removing Shared Items

If you were added as a collaborator to items that you no longer need to access, you can remove them from your directory without deleting them by ending the collaboration.

For instructions on removing shared items, please see: UW-Madison Box - Removing a Shared File or Folder

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