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This document describes how D2L instructors can initially setup the Gradebook using the Setup Wizard.

Accessing the Setup Wizard

  1. While logged into a D2L course as an instructor, click on Grades in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Setup Wizard tab.
  3. The "Grades Setup Wizard" welcome page will appear. To begin, click Start.

Step 1: Choose Grading System

Step 1 allows you to choose from three main grading systems: weighted, points, or formula.

  • Weighted: Use the weighted system if you want grade items to be calculated as percentage of final grade worth 100%.


    Assignments Category (20% of final grade)
    - Assignment 1 Item (50% of Assignments)
    - Assignment 1 Item (50% of Assignments)
    Final Exam Item (80% of final grade)
    Final Grade: /100%

    See document 

  • Points: The points system calculates the final grade by totaling the points users received on grade items.


    Assignments Category (40 points)
    - Assignment 1 Item (20 points)
    - Assignment 2 Item (20 points)
    Final Exam Item (200 points)
    Final Grade: 240 points

  • Formula: This tool is available, but it is not recommended for use on UW-Madison campus.  Please see document 29985.  The formula system calculates the final grade using a custom formula that lets you set conditions on grade items.

    Select the Grading System you prefer, then click Next.  

Step 2: Final Grade Released

Step 2 allows you to choose which grade you would like to release to students: the Calculated Final Grade or the Adjusted Final Grade. Calculated final grade means the instructor cannot make adjustments.  Adjusted final grades allow the instructor to have more flexibility.  Choose which Final Grade Release you prefer, then click Continue

Step 3: Grade Calculations

Step 3 allow you to choose how evaluate ungraded items.

  • Drop ungraded items are items that do not have a grade inputed are not counted in the final grade.
  • Treat ungraded item as 0 are items that do not have a grade inputted are counted as 0 in the final grade.
  • Automatically keep final grade updated. This option will automatically adjust final grades when changes are made to grade items or calculation options.

Select the Grade Calculation(s) you prefer, then click Continue.

Step 4: Choose Default Grade Scheme

Step 4 shows the Default Grade Scheme. Within D2L, the Default Grade Scheme is set to Percentage; however you may go back and create your own grade scheme (see D2L - Grade Schemes).

Step 5: Managing View Display Options

Step 5 shows the Number of decimal places to display option. This setting controls how many decimals will be displayed to users grading a course. The value must be an integer between 0 and 5.

Step 6: Submission View Display Options

Step 6 allows you to set up the display options for the Submission View of the grades. Under the Grades Details section, you can choose from Points grade, Grade scheme symbol, or Grade scheme color.

  • Points grade: This setting determines whether or not the Points grade value associated with a grade item is displayed in the submission view of grades.
  • Grade scheme symbol: This setting determines whether or not the Grade scheme symbol associated with a grade item is displayed in the submission view of grades.  For example, a student might see "A" rather than a percentage or points out of.  This can be used for feedback as well, with examples like exemplary, successful, satisfactory, etc.  
  • Grade scheme color: This setting determines whether or not the grade scheme color associated with a grade item is displayed in the submission view of grades. Note: The Grade scheme color can only be displayed if the grade scheme symbol is also displayed.

Similar to Step 5, under the Decimals Displayed option, you may also choose the Number of decimal places to display in the submission view of Grades. As before, the value must be an integer between 0 and 5.

Characters Displayed: This setting determines how many characters of a Text grade item display on the user list. The value must be an integer between 0 and 50. If the Text item is longer than the value specified, the text will be truncated.  This only needs to be adjusted if the instructor is using a symbol/text grade scheme.

Under the Final Grade Calculation, you may choose to Display final grade calculation to users. This setting determines whether users can see how their final grade was calculated in the submission view of Grades.

Step 7: Grades Setup Summary

This screen shows a summary of all your Grades Setup options, including Grading System, Final Grade to Release, Grade Calculations, Default Grade Scheme, Managing View Display Options, and Submission view Display Options.



You make select Go Back to return to any of the previous steps. When you are done with all our Grades Setup changes, click Finish.

Step 8: After selecting Finish, a screen will appear stating "You are now ready to grade items and categories" You can choose from the following Grade Options: Create a New Grade Category, Create a New Grade Item, Import Grades, Create a New Grade Scheme, Manage Grade Items and Categories, and Enter Grades.


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