Canvas - Known Issue - SCORM module doesn't play correctly (UW-Madison)

When uploading a SCORM module to the SCORM tool in Canvas, an error occurs. This document outlines the various ways that the error may manifest and a potential workaround.


Once you have uploaded a SCORM module to Captivate you may see the error display in one of a few different ways:
  1. Canvas gives an "Error while importing package." message.
  2. Canvas shows a page that says "Content Data Finalizing..." for a few minutes. Once it finally processes it, it will show a "404 Not Found" message.
  3. The module loads but does not display correctly. Buttons don't work, the screen won't update, or the score won't pass to the Canvas gradebook.
We have found that this issue affects SCORM modules which have the "@" symbol in either a folder or filename. Thus far we have only identified Captivate as producing content by default which includes the "@" symbol, but it is possible other authoring tools will as well.


As of 10/12/2017, this issue is still present. Instructure is aware of the issue and is working with a partner on a fix.


The workaround is to extract the .zip file of any SCORM package you are having an issue with. Change the name of any folder or file which has the "@" symbol in it. For an example Captivate project, two files had to be changed in the assets/htmlimages folder: expand_icon@2x.png and gesturemobileicon@2x.png which were changed to expand_icon_at_2x.png and gesturemobileicon_at_2x.png respectively. The folder was then rezipped and uploaded to the SCORM tool in Canvas. It is possible that changing the name of a folder or file could cause other issues with your SCORM package when played back so we encourage you to do testing with Canvas's Student View functionality.

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